SoulCalibur V Characters Guide

SoulCalibur V Characters Guide: Voldo

Voldo is a playable character since Soul Blade, and he also appears in SoulCalibur 5.

He can be accessed in games such as SoulCalibur, SoulCalibur 2 and SoulCalibur IV; but in SoulCalibur V, Voldo returns with a unique fighting style.


Born in Palermo and known as Vercci’s finest man, Voldo helped his master (a weapon merchant) trough all his expeditions in the pursuit of the cursed sword  known as Soul Edge.

Voldo came across Cervantes de Leon because of his master’s partnership with the Spanish Armada.

Vercci found out that his valuables were the main target, when the war reached Italy. He took all of them and made a pit that served him as a tomb and vault on a deserted island; leaving Voldo to protect the place, which is also known as the Money Pit.

In SoulCalibur, after three years spent in the vault, he was dragged out by the essence of Soul Edge coming from a woman named Ivy.

Voldo followed her thinking that he will find the sword.

In Voldo’s next appearance, SoulCalibur II, he returned to the Pit with a katana stolen from Yoshimitsu, but after realizing that it wasn’t the sword he was looking for, he continued his search.

During the events of SoulCalibur 3, Voldo defeated the thieves who have stolen his master’s goods from the pit, and tried to find a successor to guard the place, but only in SoulCalibur IV, he found Nightmare and Soul Edge at the Ostrheinsburg Castle.

With Soul Edge in his hands, he heard a voice that whispered him to offer his soul, and then Vercci’s  voice who told him to take the sword and protect it from those who wanted it.

Weapons and Moves (Attacks)

The weapons he wields are a pair of Jamadhar Katars, named Manas and Ayus.

Using an unmistakable fighting style, Voldo can twist his body in many ways, in order to surprise his opponents with different combos and attacks.

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