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SoulCalibur V Characters Guide: Pyrrha Alexandra

Pyrrha Alexandra, referred to as She Who Fights Destiny in the SoulCalibur V promotional materials, is a playable SC5 character.

Born in the Ottoman Empire, in the city of Athens three years before her brother Patroklos Alexander, Pyrrha (voiced by  Laura Bailey) is a 165 cm tall girl with blond hair, blue eyes and innocent look .

She grew up separated from her brother.

Pyrrha Alexandra didn’t meet her grandparents Achelous and Nike, as she wasn’t born when they probably died.

Unlike Patroklos, she has a fragile yet sweet personality, and she seems weak during fights, even regretting her wins, by using sentences such as “Oh God…this…can’t be my fault!”, “I’m sorry”.

Pyrrha’s personality may have been affected after she was kidnaped in SoulCalibur IV by Tira.

Despite this tragedy that laid upon the family, Sophitia went to become Nightmare‘s servant so she could save her daughter one day.

It’s told that Pyrrha got the “Black Lucky Girl” nickname because every man that approached her died.

Weapons and Moves (Attacks)

Pyrrha Alexandra wields a single handed sword named the Omega Sword and in her left hand she has the Elk Shield, which is used to block enemy attacks.

The Omega Sword was forged to protect Sophitia from the Evil Seed and Tira gave the sword to Pyrrha in SoulCalibur V.

Pyrrha’s moves and attacks were highly influenced by her aunt’s and mother’s fighting styles.

If she is engaged in short range combat she can defeat her enemy quickly, but at long range, her combat skills are not so efficient.

When finishing an opponent, Pyrrha Alexandra stabs him several times saying: “I can`t…, Please stop!”

SoulCalibur V Characters Guide
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