SoulCalibur V Characters Guide

SoulCalibur V Characters Guide: Nightmare

Nightmare, the main antagonist in the Soul series of fighting video games; made his debut in SoulCalibur as the living incarnation of Soul Edge.

Nightmare also appears in SoulCalibur IISoulCalibur LegendsSoulCalibur III, SoulCalibur IV as well as other titles of the Soul series of video games.


Considered The Symbol of Destruction, wearing a blue armor and having the right hand transformed by the evil sword’s power, Nightmare is a heartless and violent creature whose only goal is to drain as many souls as possible.

In SoulCalibur II, Chai Xianghua, Maxi and Kilik attacked the Osthreinsburk Castle and defeated Nightmare.

Before the events presented in SoulCalibur IIISiegfried was freed and he tried to end the curse, once and for all. In a state of temporary sanity, Siegfried released the holy Soul Calibur swords within the Soul Edge and tried to nullify their powers by sealing both of them.

Unfortunately, with help from Zasalamel, who created a body out of evil souls and broke the Soul Embrace, Soul Edge took possession of Siegfried’s armor and raised again seeking more souls and a new human host.

Without Siegfried as host, the new Nightmare was more dangerous and much faster. He also changed his fighting style.

Nightmare’s fighting style and sword can be used in the Character Creation mode using a Barbarian as host, but are available only after reaching level 30 in Chronicles of the Sword.

In SoulCalibur IV, Nightmare appears completely changed, having the whole body transformed by the cursed sword.

After the battle at the Cathedral against Siegfried, Soul Edge was ripped into pieces but was brought back to life by its minions, who found the lost fragments.

Since that event, for the next seventeen years, Nightmare’s main goal was to consume souls so he would regain his entire strength.

Weapons and Moves (Attacks)

In SoulCalibur V, a new Nightmare has born.

Wielding a new version of the Soul Edge and being hosted by a new body, he called himself Dumas, in order to enter Emperor’s Rudolf II inner circle.

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