SoulCalibur V Characters Guide

SoulCalibur V Characters Guide: Aeon Calcos

Known as Lizardman and presented under this name in the SoulCalibur series, Aeon Calcos kept this nickname until SoulCalibur IV.

The Creature of Sin, or Aeon Calcos is how he is referred to in SoulCalibur V.

Weapons and Moves (Attacks)

Aeon Calcos’s attacks were produced by a single handed axe called the Grudge Axe, and to defend himself he used the Aya Shield; however in SoulCalibur V Aeon Calcos wields a pair of axes.

Aeon’s fighting style is the Rapid Ares Style.


Aeon Calcos was born in Sparta, as a warrior. His group was in charge of finding the cursed sword known as Soul Edge. During the journey Aeon lost himself in the desert, and was influenced by the Evil Seed to execute all the people who once rescued him.

Soon after, Aeon Calcos was captured by Astaroth‘s creator, the priest Kunpeatku, and  he was transformed into a creature after some experiments that the Fygul Cestemus cult was willing to do with fragments from Soul Edge.

Aeon Calcos also suffered a brainwash and was ordered to abduct Bangoo. Eventually he was found and defeated by Bangoo’s adoptive father, Rock.

Trapped in the body of a lizard, Aeon was angry that his god abandoned him when he most needed help. Having nowhere to return to, Aeon Calcos lost his human memories step by step, and soon, other lizardmen came into his path.

More powerful and agile in combat than the rest, Aeon become their leader.

During his sleep some of his human memories came back, and he started to think of a way to recover his human look. One day  he remembered one of the most important facts of his life. Soul Edge had his soul.

Aeon Calcos returns to SoulCalibur 5, looking  to destroy the evil sword so he can claim back his lost and human aspect.

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