Sniper Elite V2 Remastered –

For his first mission in Sniper Elite V2 Remastered, American sniper Kurt Fairburne needs to infiltrate a war-torn German city and prepare an ambush for a German convoy escorting his target, Dr. Gunther Kreidl, out of the city.

The first enemy is the map is an easy kill. Make sure to use your silenced Welrod so the other guards aren’t alerted.

Walk a bit forward, take cover behind this truck, and keep your eye on the next two guards. One will be slowly walking towards the other, which sets them up for an easy double-kill for the patient player.

You won’t encounter any more guards until you reach the second floor of the building across the street. It’s possible to engage the enemy from this position, but I prefer to drop down to the second floor and watch them from the window in the next screenshot.

This is a more high-risk high-reward angle; the ground forces will have an easier time hitting you, but you’ll have a much clearer sight of the entire street.

Plus, you can begin the encounter by tagging this gas tank, which can kill up to three guards before they’ve even been alerted.

It’s common for one of the approaching troops to duck into this building and station themselves on this turret. Make sure you double-check whether it’s occupied before leaving cover and jogging down the street.

It can be tough to see where to go after this. You need to enter the massive hole in the ruined building to the right of the one that previously housed a sniper.

Resistance will be light inside said building, but the other side of the street will be one of the toughest shootouts in the level. Make use of the grenades you picked up in the building, and remember to slice the pie so they can’t all engage you at once.

It’s also good to hug the building, since a faraway sniper can see the streets. This is the first enemy where it’s very useful to tag him with the binoculars by pressing ‘B’ and clicking on him.

Once the coast is clear, you can cross the street and pick up your satchel charges. The first is placed almost immediately; the other is a ways down the street.

Two guards are sitting in the cafe next to the truck where you need to place the satchel. I prefer eliminating them with a grenade. Be aware that there’s another guard further down the street who will be alerted and require dispatching.

Follow the objective markers into the proper building and eliminate several individual guards who won’t pose much of a threat. The only dangerous opponent is this sniper overlooking the balcony leading to your vantage point for the upcoming cutscene.

The ammo crate at the top of the stairs will fully replenish your Springfield rifle. Make sure to use it again while escaping after the ambush.

When the convoy arrives, ignore your first satchel charge; we’ll be using it later. You can destroy the entire convoy with only the second satchel; shoot it when the second vehicle is flush with the parked truck.

Then you get to use your first satchel to effortlessly destroy the enemy tank.

Once you’ve eliminated every target in the convoy, leave your vantage point and sprint for the cafe. The last two enemies in the level will turn the corner from the cafe, but you have ample cover to set the terms of the engagement.

Loot the doctor’s corpse and obtain the intel Karl needs to select his next target. Sprint through the door at the end of the street, and congrats! You’ve completed the first level of Sniper Elite V2 Remastered!

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