Sniper Elite V2 Remastered – Mission 2: Mittelwerk Factory

In our last walkthrough, Karl Fairburne obtained evidence that the Nazis were constructing a fleet of missiles at a certain metalworks factory. Now, he’s arrived at that factory with plans to blow it up!

You’ll begin the level overlooking a sniper watchtower. I prefer to tag him with a Welrod bullet so he comes down to investigate, since it saves a few seconds and he’s an easy enough mark in any way.

This level is primarily designed to showcase the mechanic of hiding your shot with loud noises. Whenever you see a vibrating circular icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, you can fire your sniper rifle without anyone hearing it. Keep to the left perimeter of the map, and use a loud noise to mask your shot while killing the sniper in the other guard tower.

After eliminating the guard in the second tower, you should be able to sneak your way along the farthermost wall of the metal factory. These guards despawn by the time you’re escaping the factory, so there’s no real reason to kill them if you don’t have to.

Enter the facility and keep an eye on where the guards are. You can still kill them using hidden shots, and on higher difficulties it’s vital you do so, to prevent the whole base from coming down on you.

Karl Fairburne’s goal within the facility is to plant a series of satchel charges to blow the base up with its own missiles. The first plant site is just two hallways away from the door you used to enter the building, on the catwalk in this picture.

The second placement location is in the dead center of the base. If you alerted the guards during your journey through the first half of the base, this is your second chance to do things quietly.

After placing the final satchel, follow the objective markers through several lightly-defended hallways to the unoccupied storage hangar in the far back of the base.

Before walking into the control room and activating the cutscene, you can leave a trip mine on the highest catwalk to the right. This will let you kill the cutscene guard without having to worry about him after the cutscene.

At the end of the cutscene, run to the right and follow the catwalks to the rightmost exit. (Alternately, you can stay in the control room and participate in the exciting arcadey shootout the devs intended, but this is a walkthrough and I gotta tell you the easiest way to proceed.)

Once you reach the ground, the guards will stop worrying about you because the base is exploding around you. Just head for the same exit from which you came.

The courtyard is filled with guards, but you can bypass them with the same route you used to enter the base. Stick with the perimeter and make sure to prioritize killing the snipers that have respawned in the watchtowers.

Return to the same spot you began the mission, eliminating a few pockets of guards along the way, and congratulations! You’ve completed the second level of Sniper Elite V2 Remastered!

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