Sniper Elite 4 Sniper Reports Collectibles

Sniper Elite 4 | All 27 Sniper Reports Collectibles Locations Guide

Sniper Elite 4 Sniper Reports Collectibles
A Sniper Report in Sniper Elite 4

The Sniper Elite 4 Sniper Reports make for an interesting reading material, because you can learn about the activities of “fellow” snipers – after all, it’s always nice to compare the kill count with someone else in the niche.

You can find the Sniper Reports on the bodies of the snipers or sometimes nearby, usually around sniper nests or vantage points.

Sniper Elite 4 Sniper Reports Details

The number of Sniper Elite 4 Sniper Reports is different for every mission in the game, but you can expect to find a total of 27.

If you miss one, you can always check your progress in the Service Record of the title menu, and return to a mission via mission select. And don’t forget to use the binoculars to tag the right person.

If you have used our guides for Letters, Misc Documents, or even Duty Rosters, you already know that you can leave the game anytime or even die after you collect a Sniper Report; as your progress is instantly saved (you even get a confirmation in the lower-right corner of the screen).

Your effort for finding all Sniper Elite 4 Sniper Reports in the game will be rewarded with an achievement/trophy, called Greatest Hits.

If you wish to find their exact locations, use the text hints in the collectibles guide below along with the maps we have created.

Alternatively, if you need visual guides, you can always visit our YouTube playlist, which also features achievement/trophy guides and a complete walkthrough for all missions in the video game.

Note: The guide does not include the collectibles from the two co-op Overwatch missions, Compound and Railyard.

Mission 1: San Celini Island

Mission 1 Sniper Reports Locations Map

Sniper Report #1

Only one Sniper Report can be found in Mission 1, and it is probably the first collectible that you’ll get.

Near the start of the mission you have to cross a narrow pathway and the playable character suggests that the nearby tower will make up for a good vantage point. Follow his advice and climb the ladder to find the report on a crate.

Mission 2: Bitanti Village

Mission 2 Sniper Reports Locations Map

Sniper Report #1

Mission 2 features a single Sniper Elite 4 Sniper Report. One of the side objectives is to eliminate an enemy sniper and find the report he’s carrying.

He will see you when you approach his tower, so eliminate him from a safe distance and then climb to the top of the tower (use the ledges outside the window). Loot the Sniper Report from his dead body.

Mission 3: Regilino Viaduct

Mission 3 Sniper Reports Locations Map

Sniper Report #1

In the main base, there is a sniper tower which has a clear sight of the viaduct. Eliminate the sniper that is guarding it from a safe location, then climb up and search his body to find the first Sniper Report in Mission 3.

Sniper Report #2

Another sniper that has a Sniper Report collectible is placed on the viaduct near the railway gun. He is facing west, so plan your approach accordingly.

Mission 4: Lorino Dockyard

Mission 4 Sniper Reports Locations Map

Sniper Report #1

The first Sniper Report can be found at the base of the dockyard crane, on a small crate.

Sniper Report #2

Same as before, this Sniper Report is also on a crate at the base of a dockyard crane (check the map).

Mission 5: Abrunza Monastery

Mission 5 Sniper Reports Locations Map

Sniper Report #1

You can collect the first Sniper Report from Stefan Schmitz, the sniper who scouts on the hill overlooking the vineyard that’s behind the fort (although I think the real name of the sniper is Hanno Weinreb, look below for the reason).

Sniper Report #2

Another sniper (oddly, he is also named Stefan Schmitz) can be found at the top of the bell tower at the monastery. Disarm the traps that he deployed on the stairs and stealth kill him to get his Sniper Report collectible.

Mission 6: Magazzeno Facility

Mission 6 Sniper Reports Locations Map

Sniper Report #1

Look on the desk inside the barracks marked on the map to find the first Sniper Report in Mission 6.

Sniper Report #2

If you’re careful you can get the next three Sniper Reports in a single run. First, kill Franz Knemeyer, the sniper posted on the roof marked X2 on the map. Obviously, loot the collectible from his corpse.

Sniper Report #3

Then go down from the roof to the tunnel that runs beneath. To the left side of the road that leads to the radar dish is a small path that runs parallel to the road; take it.

Heed the sign under the lamp post that warns you about mines (there are three of them). Right at the base of the second warning sign is a Sniper Report.

Sniper Report #4

Now follow the narrow path even further, climb the yellow pipe, and get a jump on sniper Erich Shreck to get his Sniper Report collectible.

Sniper Report #5

There is a third sniper in the mission, perched on the roof of the facility with the Mercury arc rectifiers. Get rid of him from afar to make your life easier, then climb his position (use the stairs, then the ledge to pull yourself up).

The fifth Sniper Report should be on the ammo crates past the pipes – right under a Stone Eagle collectible.

Mission 7: Giovi Fiorini Mansion

Mission 7 Sniper Reports Locations Map

Sniper Report #1

Wolfgang Meinhardt is your main objective, so you should have no problem in finding him. He is quite dangerous, so the best approach would be to eliminate him from as far as possible.

After you kill him, carefully go inside the building he was posted in, because he laid some traps. He is on the roof, next to the clock, which means you have to use a ladder to reach his position. Loot his corpse to find the Sniper Report.

Mission 8: Allagra Fortress

Mission 8 Sniper Reports Locations Map

Sniper Report #1

Three snipers, each holding a Sniper Report, are guarding the entrance of the fortress from the inside. They are stationed on catwalks above the central area, which means they have a clear sight of you if you use a frontal attack.

That’s why it’s wiser to get around the base and surprise the lonely one at the back of the central area. His name is Volker Lochs.

Sniper Report #2

The other two snipers stay close together, on the catwalks to the front of the fortress. A good point to get a jump on them is the nearby mess hall (if you come from the hangar with the missiles). One of them is Gregor Winkler.

Sniper Report #3

The second sniper is called Dietrich Stauss.

Sniper Report #4

Two more snipers scout the large hangar on the far end of the fortress. Both of them are placed on the balconies on the left-hand side of the hangar. Get a Sniper Report from Eberhard Succow who sits near a gasoline generator.

Sniper Report #5

Michael Wegener has the final Sniper Report in Mission 8, and he usually stays on the lower walkway. This means it’s indicated to eliminate him before his teammate.

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