Slot machines are perhaps the most versatile and diverse games ever invented. They are available in an incredible variety of themes, from simple Vegas-inspired collections of symbols (like the original slot machine was back in the late 19th century) to complex games with goals to reach and achievements to complete. They are known to pay homage to movies, TV shows, and video games, rock bands, mythical figures, and holidays from all over the world. Most of the times, they are simple “skins” on the same tried-and-tested mechanic. Sometimes, in turn, these games come with a such a spark of genius that they would deserve to be expanded further. Like in the case of the ones below, games that you can try at the Wild Jack Casino for free.

Lost Vegas

Zombies have been the protagonists of many video games lately, from open-world parkour adventures like Dying Light to tower defense games like – you guessed it – Plants vs. Zombies. Of course, you’ll also find quite a few slots at Wild Jack casino with the same topic. One of them stands out though, both through its visuals and its innovative gameplay. The game is called Lost Vegas, and it is a slot machine with zombies AND survivors. All survivors of the zombie plague of Sin City are seemingly people who WORK at casinos, while the zombies are apparently those who PLAY there. This is a setup interesting and antagonistic enough to deserve a bit of further thought.

How it could turn into a mobile game:H A multiplayer zombie survival adventure with two sides – that of the zombies and the survivors – trying to dominate Las Vegas. One player would be tasked to lead the uninfected out of the ruined city, while the other would have to do anything to turn them into zombie food.

Bikini Party

This one is a slot machine for the boys, featuring five attractive – animated – beach volleyball players showing off their, um, talent on the beach. The game is simple, with no backstory and no other information aside from the girls’ names, but with appealing visuals that are often enough to build a game around them.

How it could turn into a mobile game: A simple beach volleyball simulator featuring teams formed by the girls on the above-mentioned slot machine’s reels. Or basically, any other game type that involves these girls.

Hot as Hades

The character designers at the Wild Jack Casino surely outdid themselves with “Hot as Hades”. It’s a game inspired by Greek mythology, with the protagonist being the feasome Lord of the Underworld himself, Hades. Only he’s not that fearsome: he is walking around his fiery kingdom with a smile on his face, juggling gems, diving head-first into pools of molten lava, and playing with his cute three-headed puppy, Cerberus.

How it could turn into a mobile game: In the slot machine, Hades has a quest to complete: retrieve the Crystal Helm. In a game based on the characters and the story from the slot machine, this friendly and tricksy God could use his wit and powers to do the same, defeating fearsome enemies (the Greeks had enough of these in their myths) to retrieve the legendary piece of head-gear.