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Sleeping Dogs Spy Cameras Locations

Another category of Sleeping Dogs collectibles that can be found in the video game includes the Spy Cameras, which can be hacked by Wei Shen in order to help the Hong Kong police to bust the drug dealers in the city.

Throughout the following guide we reveal how to make the Sleeping Dogs Spy Cameras appear on the minimap, how to hack them and where to look for them in order to get the Hong Kong Super Hacker achievement/trophy.

From the beginning it is important to know that there are 26 Sleeping Dogs Spy Cameras hidden in the game, and most of them are well protected by drug dealers.

To find each Sleeping Dogs Spy Camera, players have two options, similar to those used to find the Health Shrines and the Lock Boxes.

The first method is to make all Sleeping Dogs Spy Cameras to be displayed on the minimap, while the second method requires maps that show their exact locations.

A Spy Camera in Sleeping Dogs is a surveillance device that can be hacked to keep an eye on the Triads’ activity within the city.

Most Sleeping Dogs Spy Cameras are on the ground while others can be usually found in high places. Each Sleeping Dogs Spy Camera is connected to a control panel, frequently found near the device. Using the control panel, players can hack the camera by finding the correct code that grants access to the device.

A very important fact that must be mentioned is that all Sleeping Dogs Spy Cameras Codes are random; meaning that in the game, players can’t use the same codes, as their friends, for example.

Because of this, the only way to hack a Sleeping Dogs Spy Camera is to find the correct combination, using the tutorial below.

Since the Spy Cameras in Sleeping Dogs are protected, it is a good idea that, before approaching the device the players purchase enough items to boost their character’s abilities; however, a good strategy to take out the thugs protecting these devices, is to ram them with a car.

Once the area is cleared, players can start hacking the Spy Cameras, by interacting with the control panels nearby.

How to hack a Spy Camera

When the hacking process begins, Wei uses his phone to access the device. On the phone’s display, players can see four squares which must be filled with the correct numbers. While hacking a Spy Camera in Sleeping Dogs players have to remember that they have to find the correct digits as well as their places.

In other words, it is not enough to find all digits, if they aren’t placed correctly. An invalid digit is marked by a red circle, while an invalid placement by an orange circle. A valid digit placed in the correct position will automatically turn green.

A good strategy to hack a Sleeping Dogs Security Camera faster, is to start with small digits (1, 2, 3, and 4). If all digits are invalid, players should continue with the next digits in the series (5, 6, 7, 8) until the valid digits have been found.

If the valid digits have been misplaced, it is a good idea to use them in other places, starting from left to right. While placing digits, it is important to continue to follow the first rule, without placing the valid digits in the same spots where they have been placed previously.

The trick in solving these puzzles is to avoid repetition at all costs. If this happens, players will waste important moves, and they will have to restart the puzzles.

Once a camera was hacked, Wei has to return to his apartment, and use the surveillance system to bust the drug dealers. Inside the apartment, players must approach the TV set and interact with it.

The surveillance system allows Wei to scout the Hong Kong neighborhoods, and it features a menu from which Wei can select all zones in the game (Central, North Point, Aberdeen and Kennedy Town).  From the menu, players must select the area where the hacked spy camera is placed, and then the camera that was hacked.

Next, players must identify the drugs’ supplier and have him arrested. As a rule, a drug dealer always wears a black suit, and usually he is marked by an arrow placed above his head. Using the Left and Right Thumbsticks, players must mark the target, and press the corresponding button to call in the cops and arrest the suspect.

When the supplier is arrested, the side-mission ends, and the rewards are received.

Hacking Security Cameras in Sleeping Dogs is a fast method to increase Wei’s Cop Experience and to earn more money. When the blue bar fills, players can purchase new Cop Upgrades, which are very useful in improving Wei’s abilities when he uses firearms, or while he hijacks vehicles.

There is a total of 11 Cop Upgrades in the game, and all of them should be unlocked as soon as possible.

Finding all Spy Cameras – Method 1 (Without using maps)

The key-character for finding all Sleeping Dogs Spy Cameras is a woman named Not Ping. Early in the game Wei is asked to plant a bug for Raymond. The bug is inside a bag that must be picked up from a girl who goes by the name of Not Ping.

After the mission, if players call Not Ping and take her out on a date, she will accept, and players will be asked to impress her, by hacking a security camera before the time runs out. If they succeed in this mission, each and every Spy Camera in Sleeping Dogs will be displayed on the minimap.

Finding all Spy Cameras – Method 2 (Using maps)

Players can also opt to find all Security Cameras in the video game, before they meet Not Ping, but to do this, they must know the exact locations of all Spy Cameras.

Using maps, and knowing that the symbol of a Security Camera on the minimap is a recording camera, fans of the game can locate all devices as soon as the game starts.

This method allows players to level up faster, and unlock all Cop Upgrades in the game, before moving to a new zone.

Sleeping Dogs Collectibles Guide
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