Sleeping Dogs Collectibles Guide

Sleeping Dogs Lock Boxes Locations

Probably the fastest way to earn money in Sleeping Dogs is to find the lock boxes hidden in Hong Kong.

This type of collectibles includes 100 lockboxes hidden very well within the city, but the video game guide below reveals the locations of all Sleeping Dogs Lock Boxes in North Point, Aberdeen, Central area and Kennedy Town.

Unlike the Health Shrines featured in the game, a Sleeping Dogs Lock Box serves as an additional source of income. Some Lock Boxes in Sleeping Dogs also offer other bonuses such as clothes and various items Wei Shen can wear, to boost his skills and fighting techniques.

Since the number of Lockboxes in Sleeping Dogs is quite large, finding all of them is a challenge, especially if players don’t know their locations.

Fortunately, just like other collectibles in the game, players can use two methods to find all Sleeping Dogs Lock Boxes faster, but it is important to know, that finding a Lockbox is not enough, since some of them must be unlocked.

A Lock Box in Sleeping Dogs is a small case which is usually glowing. These collectables can be found on rooftops, in the sewers and other “unusual” places.

When Wei gets near a Lock Box, he will have the chance to open it and retrieve its content. If he is lucky enough, the Lockbox will open without having to unlock it, but if not, he will have to use his skills and gadgets.

How to unlock a Lock Box

If a Lock Box is sealed, Wei will use his cell phone to find the combination required to open the case. During this action, players will have to move the Left Thumbstick as slowly as possible, while paying attention to the phone’s display.

Each Lockbox can be opened by guessing a combination of numbers. There are three numbers that players must match in order to open a case.

When Wei is near one of these numbers, the blue line on his phone’s display will turn yellow, and when Wei manages to find the correct number, the line turns green.

The Left Thumbstick must be turned clockwise first, and then counter-clockwise.

As soon the player manages to guess the correct combination by matching all three numbers, the case is unlocked and its content retrieved.

Finding all Lock Boxes – Method 1 (Without using maps)

During in the game, Wei will meet a character named King. He is working in the music industry and wants to visit Hong Kong.

At this point it is important to take him to K-Bar, where players will be asked to provide some girls to entertain him. One of these girls is named Ilyana Sweat and she is a key character.

After the mission, players should give her a call and ask her out. Ilyana Sweat likes to work out, so, to impress her, Wei must beat her in a race. Once he does, all Lock Boxes in Sleeping Dogs will be added to the minimap.

Finding all Lock Boxes – Method 2 (Using maps)

If players decide to find the Lockboxes earlier in the game, they can opt to use maps; however, to do so, players must know that the symbol of a Lockbox on the minimap is a keyhole.

A good idea is to use the second method as soon as the game starts, because this method allows players to earn a high amount of money which can be spent to buy faster cars, bikes, expensive clothing items, etc.

All these items can be used to improve the main character’s abilities, and to advance faster in the game, until Wei meets Ilyana.

There are 40 Lockboxes in North Point, 15 in Aberdeen, 30 in Central area and 15 in Kennedy Town.

Sleeping Dogs Collectibles Guide
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