Sleeping Dogs Collectibles Guide

Sleeping Dogs Jade Statues Locations

When it comes to fighting in Sleeping Dogs, the most important type of collectibles that must be found by players, are the Jade Statues.

Even if these items are not included in the number of collectibles displayed in the game’s menu, the Sleeping Dogs Jade Statues appear on the minimap, as soon as players complete a specific side-mission involving a female character.

The following Sleeping Dogs game guide reveals the locations of all Jade Statues in the game, explaining how to find them, how to make them appear on the map, and their role in the game.

The first thing that must be mentioned, is that even if players can see the locations of all Jade Statues it doesn’t mean that they can collect them as soon as the game starts.

In other words, these Sleeping Dogs collectibles are special items, located in important places, which sometimes can’t be accessed. Because of this, players must advance through the game’s story, until these places become available.

As an example we will refer to the Sleeping Dogs Jade Statue located in Club Bam Bam (North Point area). If the player locates Club Bam Bam at the beginning of the game, he will notice that the club is closed; however, later in the game, during one mission, Wei will be sent to this specific place to look for a character named Benny.

At this point in the game, the club become accessible and the Jade Statue inside can be retrieved, while the club remains opened. The same rule applies for the Jade Statue inside the Temple’s upper pagoda which can be opened by playing the Bride to Be mission, and for the one located in K-Bar.

Even so, other Jade Statues in Sleeping Dogs can be collected immediately, by visiting their exact locations.

Unlike a Health Shrine, Lock Box or Spy Camera, featured in Sleeping Dogs, the role of a Jade Statue is to improve Wei’s melee abilities by unlocking a specific set of upgrades.

By opening the main menu, players can access all upgrades in the game, including the melee upgrades displayed in the melee training sub-menu.

In Sleeping Dogs, Wei can learn 11 different melee combos, a number that coincides with the number of Jade Statues in the game. In other words, for each Jade Statue found, players can unlock a new melee technique by completing a melee training lesson. For finding all Sleeping Dogs Jade Statues, players will unlock the corresponding achievements/trophies.

When a Jade Statue is found, players must be aware that they must return the precious item to Wei’s former martial arts teacher, located in North Point, as he is looking for them.

As soon as a Jade Statue is returned to Wei’s teacher, players can chose one of the combos available in the Melee Training menu. After that, Wei will exercise the technique he learned with the students attending the class. A lesson has two phases.

During the first phase, Wei must perform the combo he learned three times. When the second phase starts, Wei must defeat a fixed number of opponents, with or without using the new combo. When the lesson ends, the new Kung Fu technique will be automatically added to Wei’s list of moves.

Since Sleeping Dogs is a video game focused on melee combat, the Jade Statues are very important items, and should be collected by all those who wish to beat the game.

To complete this goal, players can opt to find them directly with the help of the maps, or they can, opt to have them displayed on the map by talking to Tiffany.

Finding all Jade Statues – Method 1 (Without using maps)

The key character that will help Wei see all Jade Statues on his map, is a stripper named Tiffany. Tiffany works at Club Bam Bam, where Wei will be sent by Winston to find the club’s owner named Benny. Unfortunately Benny is well protected by bodyguards and to reach him, Wei must infiltrate the VIP section.

To do this; however, he needs one of the club’s employees, which is Tiffany. After the mission, Tiffany’s phone number is automatically added to Wei’s phonebook.

When the mission ends, players must call her immediately and ask her out. Tiffany loves Karaoke, and she will agree to see Wei at Club Bam Bam. Inside, Wei must impress her by singing a song. A good idea is to choose All Out of Love by Air Supply, and get a high score (at least 90%).

To sing a song in Sleeping Dogs, players must use the Left Thumbstick and maintain the arrow displayed at the bottom of the screen, on the lines that appear in the same area.

Since All Out of Love by Air Supply is a slow song, players won’t have any problems to impress Tiffany, and as a reward all Jade Statues will be automatically added to the minimap.

Finding all Jade Statues – Method 2 (Using maps)

Those who want to find every unlocked Jade Statue in Sleeping Dogs as soon as the game starts, can use the same maps used to find other collectibles.

In this case, players must remember that the symbol of a Jade Statue on the minimap is a small silhouette of a human; and that not all Sleeping Dogs Statues can be retrieved at the beginning of the game, even if their locations are known.

Sleeping Dogs Collectibles Guide
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