Sleeping Dogs Collectibles Guide

Sleeping Dogs Health Shrines Locations

The first category of Sleeping Dogs collectibles included in our guide is the Health Shrines. Players can find up to 50 Sleeping Dogs health shrines while exploring Hong Kong, as Detective Wei Shen, and the achievement/trophy for finding all of them is called Spiritual Healing.

In Sleeping Dogs a Health Shrine is a small monument where Wei Shen can pray for several second. Each time players find a set of 5 Health Shrines, Wei Shen’s health increases by 10%, and because of this the Health Shrines in Sleeping Dogs play a very important role.

Most Health Shrines in the video game are located on the ground; therefore, players must stay focused while exploring the world; however some of them are located on roofs, and other hidden areas.

It is important that while looking for a Sleeping Dogs Health Shrine, the players cover all adjacent areas, because if the collectible isn’t located on the ground, it must be somewhere on the roof or below, since some of these shrines, are also in sewers.

Another important aspect that must be outlined, is the fact that some Health Shrines are in places that can be reached only by swimming or by using boats.

To find all Sleeping Dogs Health Shrines, players can use two methods.

Unlock all Health Shrines – Method 1 (Without using maps)

The Health Shrines in Sleeping Dogs can be unlocked and displayed on the minimap, by talking to a key-character. This key character is a woman called Amanda. She is a blonde American civilian visiting Hong Kong for the first time.

Wei Shen will meet Amanda at the beginning of the game, in front of his house. Amanda carries a map and she looks for a temple, she wishes to visit. At this point in the game, players should help Amanda and give her a tour of the city.

Eventually, after the tour, Amanda’s phone number is added to Shen’s phonebook.

When the mission ends, or anytime in the game, players should call her and ask her out. Eventually, Amanda will accept and will ask Shen to meet her at Victory Peak in Central Hong Kong.

If players drive to that specific location, as soon as possible, they will be asked to accompany Amanda through the park and impress her by taking several photos of her.

At the end of the date, as a reward, all Health Shrines in Sleeping Dogs will be displayed on the minimap.

Unlock Health Shrines – Method 2 (Using maps)

The second method to get all Sleeping Dogs Health Shrines is to use maps, to determine their exact locations.

These maps reveal the location of every Health Shrine in Sleeping Dogs; however, to find them, players must know their symbols.

On the mini-map a Health Shrine looks like a tower in a chess game.

In North Point players can find 15 Health Shrines, in Aberdeen 10, in Central area 15, and in Kennedy Town only 10.

Sleeping Dogs Collectibles Guide
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