Skidrow Cracks Diablo 3

Exactly one month passed since Diablo 3 launched worldwide, and Skidrow (a group well known for cracking games), made public a Diablo 3 server emulator, which allows players to access Diablo 3 without having to buy the game.

On June 14, 2012 Skidrow published on their official website (, all files and tutorials required to play the cracked version of Diablo 3.

It is well known that Diablo 3, requires a account and the original copy of the game, but using a server emulator, players can bypass Blizzard’s anti-piracy measures.

While many fans of the franchise developed by Blizzard, decided to purchase the game (3.5 million sales in the first 24 hours), others waited for a Diablo 3 crack, to play it.

Diablo 3 Cracked Version Advantages

One of the most important advantages for those who decide to play Diablo 3 using a server emulator, is that they don’t have to buy the game. Of course, not all players and fans, afford to purchase Diablo 3, even if they can opt for various websites to get discounts.

Another aspect refers to new fans that didn’t have the chance to play Diablo or Diablo 2, or didn’t try Diablo 3 Beta, which means that they don’t know if Diablo 3 satisfies their needs. For them, a cracked version of the game, gives the answer to an important question:  Is Diablo 3 worth the money?

Diablo 3 Cracked Version Disadvantages

According to many users who already tried the server emulator for Diablo 3, multiple problems appear while installing it (corrupted files for example). Even if Skidrow offers a full tutorial on how to use and run the Diablo 3 emulator they developed, issues have been reported.

Login problems and errors while trying to run the game. In the future, these problems may disappear, but for now, they exist.

The gameplay is also affected, since the world in Diablo 3 is randomly generated by Blizzard, meaning that a connection to their official servers is required.

One user for example, claimed that he tried the game using the emulator, and all mobs drop 2.000 gold. Another user complained that there are no monsters in the starting area.

Graphic errors such as missing limbs should also be expected.

The final main disadvantage is that using a Diablo 3 crack will prevent access to the auction house, one of the most expected features implemented by Blizzard in the third game of the franchise.

Skidrow Cracks Diablo 3
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