SimCity Cheats and Cheat Codes

SimCity Cheats and Cheat Codes

A series of SimCity cheats and cheat codes have been published by multiple websites, soon after the release of the simulation video game developed by Maxis, and the following videogame guide explains how to cheat in SimCity 2013.

Since the SimCity cheat codes don’t require a special trainer, they can be used by all players who have purchased the video game; however, some restrictions exist, meaning that the SimCity 2013 cheats listed below can’t be used while playing the game in multiplayer, and some of them work only in sandbox mode.

SimCity or SimCity 2013 was officially announced at GDC (Game Developers Conference) 2012, as being a reboot of the SimCity series.

At E3 2012, EA revealed the first two trailers of the video game, followed by a closed beta test in August 2012. The title became available on March 5, 2013, in North America and March 7, 2013 in Europe, being published by Electronic Arts.

The PC video game known as SimCity was one of the most anticipated titles of 2013, but after its release, a series of problems have been reported by users.

Even if the video game received positive scores from critics, some reviews were modified several days later. For example, on March 4, 2013, Polygon published their SimCity review, awarding 9.5 points out of 10 to the video game published by EA.

One day later, the score was lowered to 8/10, and on March 7, 2012 to 4 points out of 10. SimCity is a video game which requires a persistent internet connection allowing players to connect to EA’s servers.

When the title was released, the high volume of customers caused network outages leading to disconnections, game crashes and other issues, similar to those experienced by Diablo 3 fans.

Some publications such as IGN delayed their reviews, being unable to connect to the SimCity servers, while Amazon decided to temporarily withdraw the video game from its marketplace.

In response, EA released a SimCity patch which disables some of the game’s features including the online leaderboards, achievements and regional filters.

On March 7, 2012, an unsatisfied player recorded his online conversation with one of Origin’s support department agents.

The customer tried to ask for a refund from Origin after he purchased SimCity 2013, but in exchange he was threatened by Origin’s agent, who told him that disputing the charge will eventually lead to an Origin account ban.

SimCity Cheat Codes

In Sandbox mode, SimCity players can activate several cheats, including an infinite money cheat, by pressing the following keys:

ALT+W – Instantly increase the amount of cash by 100,000

ALT+F – Set Fire On/Off

ALT+C – Set Crime On/Off

ALT+M – Set Health Issues On/Off

ALT+A – Set Air Pollution On/Off

ALT+P – Set Ground Pollution On/Off

ALT+H – Set Homeless Sims On/Off

ALT+S – Set Sewage On/Off

SimCity Infinite Water Cheat Code

To get infinite water in SimCity, players will have to place a water pumping station near a sewage treatment plant.

This strategy allows the sewage treatment plant to clean the sewage and release it into the water pumped by the station.

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