Sideway New York Cheats and Trainers

Sideway New York Cheats and Trainers

While on Sideway New York for PlayStation 3, fans of the game can unlock 10 trophies, on PC, players can use a mega-trainer to cheat the game by activating several Sideway New York cheats.

Through the following cheating guide, we explain how to find a trainer for Sideway: New York, how to install it and how to use it while playing the game.

The trainer can be downloaded for free, and allows players to use four Sideway New York cheats, which give unlimited time, score points, as well as mana and health for Nox.

The Sideway New York cheats for mana and health will eventually help players to beat the game faster.

Released on November 10, 2011, Sideway: New York is an action-adventure platformer video game developed by Playbrains and Fuel Industries exclusively for PS3 and PC.

Nox is the main character in Sideway: New York and he must solve a series of puzzles in a graffiti world, packed with various and colorful enemies and bosses.

In fact, one of the bosses that must be killed by Nox is a pink bunny that vomits pink mini-bunnies, according to the game’s official page on

The action in Sideway: New York takes place in a 3D world, but the main character and his opponents are presented in  2D.

Additionally, the video game features a local co-op multiplayer mode and a hip-hop soundtrack performed by Mr. Lif.

Sideway: New York is a downloadable title that can be purchased from Steam or PSN.

After its official release, Sideway: New York received medium to positive scores from critics and reviewers.

On GameSpot for example, the title cumulated 7.5 points out of 10, and it was reviewed by Austin Light.

In his Sideway: New York for PS3 review, Austin Light mentions that “Sideway: New York looks to be a solid start to a visually impressive series.”

Sideway New York Cheats and Trainers for PC

To use the Sideway New York Cheats codes revealed below while playing Sideway: New York, players must download the trainer, install it and run it during the game.

The following steps explain where to find the trainer and how to make it work:

Download the trainer from, or

Extract the files included in Sideway-New-York-v1.0r6-+-4-Trainer.rar 

Launch the trainer

Start the game

After the game loads, make sure that the trainer runs in background and press the following keys to activate the corresponding Sideway: New York Cheats.

List of Sideway New York Cheats

F12 – Activate the trainer

NUMPAD 1 – Get unlimited health (Invulnerability/God Mode)

NUMPAD 2 – Get unlimited mana

NUMPAD 3 – Add 10.000 score points

NUMPAD 4 – Freeze the timer (Unlimited time)

Sideway New York Cheats and Trainers
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