Shoot Many Robots Cheats and Trainers

Shoot Many Robots Cheats and Trainers

The following Shoot Many Robots cheats as well as the trainer developed to activate them, work exclusively on the PC version of the game, and only with v1.01.30582.

Throughout the following game guide, we explain how to find a trainer for this specific version of the game, how to install it and how to use it, in order to cheat in Shoot Many Robots.

The downloadable videogame released on March 13, 2012 for Xbox 360, and March 14, 2012 for PlayStation 3, also became available for PC on April 6, 2012.

While Shoot Many Robots for Xbox 360 can be purchased for 800 MSP (Microsoft Points), the Steam version of the game can be downloaded for 9,99€.

Shoot Many Robots is an action-adventure role-playing shooter developed by Demiurge and published by Ubisoft. The game’s main character is P. Walter Tugnut a robot-slayer who fights waves of robots through various levels, armed with unusual weapons.

Along with other conventional weapons such as revolvers, rocket launchers and shotguns, Walter Tugnut also has access to a gnome launcher and a cat carrier that can be used to launch decoys.

Before each level/mission, the mighty hero can be equipped with various accessories such as backpacks, hats and pants. These accessories boost the character’s abilities and stats.

Walter Tugnut can level up by slaying robots; therefore, the player can use the XP earned to improve Tugnut’s efficiency in combat. Most robots killed drop nuts that must be gathered by players who wish to buy new accessories and weapons.

Even if the gameplay is linear, Shoot Many Robots offers the possibility to kill robots side by side with up to 4 friends, in the co-op multiplayer mode.

Each level unlocked can be replayed anytime. Developers also integrated a series of achievements that can be unlocked by players, as well as Steam and Facebook matchmaking.

After its official release, Shoot Many Robots gathered a score of 67 points out of 100, on Metacritic. Matt Hughes, Games Radar‘s editor mentions in his review that “Demiurge Studios has shown that it’s got a team that knows exactly how to engineer a good time, and its first full game is a fantastic debut”.

Hughes refers to the fact that Shoot Many Robots is the first video game fully developed by Demiurge, a studio well known for its work on major titles such as BioShock and Mass Effect.

According to the game’s official website, a follow-up is already in development and it will be released under a new title: Shoot Many Robots: Arena Kings.

Unlike the first video game, Shoot Many Robots: Arena Kings is a PVP focused video game, and is currently (as of July 24, 2012) in a closed beta; however, players can sign-up for free beta-keys, on the official website.

Shoot Many Robots PC Trainers

Fans of the game, who prefer to play Shoot Many Robots on PC, and in the single-player mode, can opt to cheat the game using the free trainer offered by

The trainer’s compatibility with the player’s game version can be checked using the interface of the program.

Once the trainer is installed, and running in background, players gain access to 8 Shoot Many Robots cheat codes, including a cheat for health, one for nuts and one for speed.

To install the trainer, players must follow several easy steps:

Download the Shoot Many Robots mega-trainer from

Extract all files included in Shoot_Many_Robots_v1.01.30582_+8_Trainer.rar, and copy them in the game’s directory

Start the trainer and check its compatibility with the game

Run the game, and while playing ,press F5 to activate the trainer, followed by the keys listed below

Shoot Many Robots PC Cheats

Num 1-Infinite health/God mode

Num 2-Infinite super nuts

Num 3-Instant level up

Num 4-Infinite beer

Num 5-Auto reload On/Off

Num 6-Instant kills

Num 7-Shop

Num 8-Super speed On/Off

Num 9-Save teleport

Num 0-Load teleport

Shoot Many Robots Cheats and Trainers
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