Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough: 5-4 – The Final Chapter

The fourth chapter of the final act in Shadows of the Damned is named The Final Chapter.

In this stage, Garcia Hotspur and his sidekick Jonson must defeat Fleming (The Lord of Demons).

The guide below offers tips and trick regarding the battle against Fleming.

Since this fight has three phases, players should know these tricks if they want to kill Fleming without having to restart the game.

Fleming Boss Fight

In this chapter you have to kill Fleming, the Lord of Demons.When the chapter starts, follow the tunnel and the stairs and you will reach the top floor of Fleming’s tower.

This battle is harder than the rest, and it has three phases.

During these phases keep in mind that:

The first phase starts as soon as the dialogue between Garcia and Fleming ends.You can dodge all Fleming’s attacks, except one.

You must activate the Goat Head you see balancing above you, as soon as you are covered by Darkness.

You must avoid hurting Paula.Shoot Fleming all the time, but keep in mind that under his coat is Paula. Aim for Fleming’s chest and stop when he reveals Paula

Dodge all attacks and keep firing.

Try to place some mines on his body and you will notice small cracks on his chest. First, these cracks will be red, but they will change their color when Fleming takes damage.

When the cracks turn yellow, place a mine and Fleming’s body will broke in three pieces.

At the end of each phase you must destroy one of Fleming’s body parts. Your current target is always red. Try to destroy it as soon as possible and the next phase will start.

During the second phase, you will notice that Fleming will spawn a green force field around him. This field features three holes. Through these holes you must fire bombs with you Skullblaster.

Make sure the bomb is inside and wait for the explosion.

If you miss your target, Fleming’s force shield will explode and you will take damage. You can’t avoid these explosions, no matter what you do.

It is vital to fire some bombs inside Fleming’s force field, during this phase, because he will take massive damage and he will be stunned, allowing you to place a mine on his body.If you succeed Fleming’s body will brake for the second time.
Destroy the second part of his body and you will end the second phase.

The third phase is similar to the first one, but the difference is that Fleming will spawn a hand that drags you into another dimension, covered by Darkness. You can avoid this attack by dodging, but if you fail, make sure that you don’t fight against the Demons that attack you when you reach the other side.

Just focus on the three cracks you see on the walls and place some mines to destroy them. Eventually, behind one of these cracks you will find a portal which teleports you back to Fleming.

Continue your attacks against this boss and you will damage him for the third time.

Destroy the third body part and you will kill him. You will unlock two achievements/trophies for completing this chapter: The Final Chapter and I Defeated the Last Big Boss!

Watch the cutscene and get ready for the next chapter, called Til Death Do Us Part.

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