Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough: 5-2 – Different Perspectives

Different Perspectives is the second chapter of the fifth act featured in Shadows of the Damned, the action-horror video game published by Electronic Arts.

The game guide below, is part of the full Shadows of the Damned text walkthrough, and offers tips and tricks that can help players to finish this chapter.

Different Perspectives features two parts.

In the first part, Garcia Hotspur must defeat a large number of enemies, but in the second part he must solve a puzzle, which allows him to advance inside Fleming’s citadel.

When this chapter starts follow the stairs up and open the gate in front of you, twice.

In this yard you have to defeat a large number of enemies. There are no special Demons here, but you will be attacked in waves and each wave includes stronger demons.

Remember that the armored demons, including those that roll on the ground, must be stunned otherwise you will not be able to kill them.

The kill the large Demons that appear in the last wave, you must hit the red devices on their heads.

When the area is cleared, open the gate to Fleming’s tower.

The second part of this chapter includes a huge puzzle that must be solved. You will have to reach the other side of the tower by creating bridges using various platforms.

Each platform can be rotated horizontally and vertically.

During this part, you will also be attacked by normal or armored Demons, There are no special enemies.

Sometimes you will be covered by Darkness and to remove it you must find a Goad Head. Make sure you look around because some of these Goat Heads are under the platforms in front of you.

To have a clear shot you must rotate the platforms.

Keep in mind that sometimes, if you move a platform and it is the correct position, a door will open.

Make sure you rotate every platform several times, because it may also hide red gems.

When you reach the other side of the tower you will see Christopher. Don’t forget to trade with him, and continue through the door in front of you to complete this level.

You will unlock Different Perspectives Achievement/Trophy and you will be able to play the next chapter, called The Castle of Hassle.

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough
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