Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough: 5-1 – Twelve Feet Under

Twelve Feet Under is the first chapter of the final act in Shadows of The Damned, the video game published on June 21, 2011 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Below is a step-by-step video game walkthrough which explains how to solve Twelve Feet Under in order to advance in the game, and eventually complete it.

Shadows of The Damned features five acts and multiple chapters.

Twelve Feet Under continues the events started in the fourth act.

The chapter starts at the bottom of Fleming’s Tower.

Follow the corridor in front of you and you will see a gate to the right. It is protected by a Demon head who asks for an eye.

Move forward and then go right until you reach a dead end.

You will enter a large chamber and you will be attacked by a large exploding Demon. Make sure you destroy the red devices on his head, in order to kill it. When he is ready to explode, stay away.

On the right side of the room is a barrel and inside it you will find a red gem.

Pick up the eye dropped by the Demon and follow the corridor back to the starting point. Open the gate and then the next one.

When you approach the strawberry, make sure you are ready to kill a spiked Demon. Use the mines to stun it and then shoot the red device.

Pick up the strawberry and return to the hall where you killed the exploding Demon.

Now, as you can see that one of the gates is covered by vines. First open the door protected by the Demon head, but don’t step into the Darkness. Look around and you will notice that the vines are connected to a device, behind a green force field.

To solve this puzzle, you must step into the Darkness and destroy the device behind the force field, but the only weapon you can use to do this is the Skullblaster.

Aim the wall near the device and pull the right trigger until you create a large bomb. Launch the bomb behind the green force field and wait in the Darkness until it explodes. This is the only way to destroy the device, and if you run out of ammo, search the room because you will find a green crate.

Follow the tunnel behind the gate you opened, and the next stairs; and you will see another gate locked by a Demon who asks for an eye.

Turn back and then go left.

Open the next gate and take out the Demon that attacks you. He will drop the eye you need to open the gate. Make sure you investigate the room, then return to the gate and give the eye to the Demon head.

Go through the Darkness and you will enter a bowling hall. To get the brain, you have to score a Strike with the Skullblaster’s bomb. When you do that, you will win the brain and you have to return to the chamber where you found the eye.

Kill the Demons and open the gate. Be careful and get ready to sprint because Paula will try to catch you again, just like she did in As Evil As Dead

Sprint and destroy the barrels that block your way, until you reach a gate. Open it and enter; and Paula will stop. Investigate the entrance to the right, and then go left.

In the next area, destroy the devices that electrocute you, by placing mines on them and take out all Demons. Make sure you keep the light on and don’t stay near the large Demons when they explode.

Follow the gate to the right, near the save point.

Enter the Darkness and get ready to solve a small puzzle. You must destroy a series of red devices connected to the vines that block the gates.

Make sure you move fast and destroy them all. Look at the ceiling to find their exact locations, and when you destroy the last one you will be able to open a door where you will find a bigger device. The device is connected to the hand that blocks the Goat Head.

Put some bullets in it and then return and switch the light on firing a Light Shot at the Goat Head. Explore the chambers you opened and then follow the gate you unlocked.

To the right you will find Christopher and to the left, the path that you must follow.

Open the next gate to the left and follow the stairs down. You will be attacked by a large Demon similar to a Cyclops. Don’t try to kill him, just open the cage you see behind the Demon and destroy the device connected to the hand that blocks the Goat Head.

The smaller Demon will turn the light off and the Darkness will kill the large Demon. After he dies, activate the Goat Head and kill all remaining Demons.

Pick up all items and then open the gate on top of the stairs and move forward. You will reach a save point.

In the next area Paula re-appears. Stun her with your Light Shot and then get the strawberry at the end of the hall. Return and exit through the same gate, then go back to the hall where you destroyed the large Demon.

Use the same strategy you used before and get the eye. Return where to the tunnel where you found the strawberry and open the door on the right.

Go downstairs and open the large gate to finish the chapter.

You will unlock Twelve Feet Under Achievement/Trophy

The second chapter is Different Perspectives.

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough
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