Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough: 4-5 – Suburban Nightmares

The Suburban Nightmares text walkthrough below guides players who wish to complete the fifth chapter of the fourth Shadows of the Damned act.

Suburban Nightmares is a chapter which involves a series of puzzles that must be solved by Garcia Hotspur and his sidekick Johnson.

The chapter starts inside a canyon.

Move forward and destroy the crates to get additional ammo.

Continue and cross the bridges in front of you until you reach a gate. Stay alert because you will be attacked all the time by Demons.

Open it and move forward.

Follow the bridge to the right and then the one to the left. You can’t get stuck here as long as you follow the bridges, but you have to kill a large number of Demons and you have to destroy several cracked walls.

Proceed forward and you will reach a save point. Cross the next bridge and then the next one. You will reach a medium cave and the next bridge is to the left.

Make sure you investigate the cave, because there is a tunnel to the left. Use your mines on the wall to uncover the tunnel.

Activate the Shrimp Lamp and follow it.

When you exit the tunnel you will notice that in front of you is a small village.

The village is not as complex as it seems, as long as you know the game’s basics. What make this place special are the armored Demons that will attack you. You will identify them by the spikes on their armors.

The only way to kill these Demons is to place mines on their bodies and then fire at those mines to stun your opponents.

While they are on the ground, hit the red spots on their chests and they will die.

Make sure you investigate each house, because you will find additional ammo, as well as Christopher, the trader.

You also have to unlock some gates covered by vines. Remember that you need to destroy the red mechanisms connected to the vines, while standing in the Darkness.

Some of these mechanisms are located in blocked tunnels; and to enter these tunnels you must place more mines on the cracked walls.

Other gates are locked by small Demons and you need specific items to open them, such as a strawberry or an eye. After you find such an item, pay close attention to the small cutscene that starts and you will see the gate that you can open.

There are also several firework launchers that will keep the Darkness away for a limited time. Activate them and kill the Demons that attack you.

Your goal is to reach the church and when you do that another cutscene starts.

You will see Paula and when the cutscene ends you will be covered by Darkness. To escape the church, you must unlock the gate covered by vines.

Shoot the windows and behind them you will find the mechanisms connected to the vines. Destroy all four devices and you will unlock the gate.

Open it and enter the light, to finish this chapter and to unlock Suburban Nightmares Achievement/Trophy.

The next chapter in the game is Justine For All.

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough
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