Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough: 4-4 – Great Demon World Forest

The Great Demon World Forest game guide below explains how to complete the fourth chapter of the fourth act included in Shadows of the Damned.

Just like in Great Demon World Village, players control Garcia Hotspur from a 2D perspective, but this time the action takes place in a forest.

The guide also features a video walkthrough for Great Demon World Forest, which can help players to beat this level faster.

Great Demon World Forest is a chapter similar to Great Demon World Village, but the difference between them is that Great Demon World Forest features more and tougher Demons.

The controls are the same, as well as the basics.

You move Garcia with the left thumbstick and his weapon’s direction with the right thumbstick.

The left trigger allows you to fire, but you can’t switch weapons.

Make sure you use the Light Shot on the Goad Heads you encounter and against the Demons covered in Darkness.

There are several save points as well as multiple white gems that you should collect, if you want to trade with Christopher later in the game.

The trees that block your way can be destroyed with normal bullets, but you will also find more powerful weapons in this level.

A good idea is to keep the left trigger pulled and move up and down when the Demons appear.

In this chapter Garcia has unlimited ammo, but only on his primary weapon. All other weapons have limited bullets.

When you reach the end of the chapter, you will unlock Great Demon World Forest Achievement/Trophy and you will be able to advance in the game.

The fifth chapter of the fourth act is called Suburban Nightmares.

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough
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