Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough: 4-3 – Ghost Hunter

Ghost Hunter is the third chapter of the fourth act featured in the action/adventure video game, Shadows of the Damned.

This chapter is longer than the rest and includes a boss fight, against Giltine Grim.

The guide below is part of the full Shadows of the Damned text walkthrough created with the purpose of helping players who wish to beat the video game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture.

Additionally, players can find tips and tricks that can be used to unlock several achievements and to find some secret areas available in Shadows of the Damned.

As soon as this chapter starts, you will be attacked by several Demons, spawned by some mechanisms.

As long as the mechanisms work, the Demons are invulnerable.

To destroy the machineries, you must place mines on them using the Hotboner, then fire at them.

Make sure you destroy all devices, and then you can take care of the Demons. It is a good idea to keep the distance when you attack the Demons, because when they die, they explode. If you are near them, you will die too.

When all the Demons are dead, investigate the library, and then exit through the door on the right.

Follow the stairs up and clear the first floor, then go upstairs.

Destroy the obstacles blocking your way and read the poster in front of you, then exit through the door near the poster.

When you reach the next balcony, you have to solve a small puzzle to continue. All shelves must be connected to create a bridge across the room, from one balcony to another. This is an easy task and you can’t get stuck here.

When you complete this puzzle the door to the right will open and you can continue.

In the next area, pick up the ammo crate and enter the Darkness to the left.

Keep your eyes on the ceiling because you will see the devices that you must destroy to open the door blocked by vines. Also, make sure you investigate the library, and you will find a Goat Head.

Turn the light on, and while facing the goat head, go left and you will find a red gem. Pick it up and then exit through the gate that was covered by vines.

Follow the stairs down, and enter the Darkness. Turn the light on, using the Goat Head and take out all demons that attack you, then exit the chamber.

Use the vending machine to buy more drinks if you need and cross the bridge you created earlier.

Be careful, because on the other side more devices and Demons will appear. Take out the devices using the mines, and then kill the monsters. Keep a safe distance to avoid the damage inflicted by the exploding Demons.

When the area is cleared get to the other balcony.

Next you will have to kill a vast number of Demons. Don’t forget to keep the light on, and stop them when they try to turn off the Goat Head. In this area you will also find a red gem, therefore make sure you investigate it after all Demons are dead.

Open the next door and follow the stairs up.

Read the poster on the left wall and proceed forward until you see a large book on the left. Read it and go right.

Pay attention to the cracked walls, because behind them there are secret areas. Destroy all crates and barrels, for more ammo and gems.

Remember that the cracked walls can only be destroyed with the mines deployed by your Hotboner.

Explore the library and you will reach a dead end.

Watch the cutscene and get ready to fight another Grim boss. She is Giltine and she is more powerful than her sisters: Maras and Kauline.

Giltine Grim Boss Fight

Giltine has two weak points.

The first one is her face, and she can take damage while the Darkness is off.

The second one is on her chest, and can only be destroyed while the Darkness is on.

You will notice that there is a Goat Head in the chamber as well as a vending machine and multiple ammo crates.

When you take damage from the Darkness, activate the Goat Head. Make sure you have enough ammo in all weapons and dodge Giltine’s scythe and other attacks.

Stay mobile and fire only when you have a clear shot.

You will notice that Giltine can also spawn Demons, but when she is in Darkness. While spawning her minions, she won’t move and it is a perfect moment to damage the red device on her chest.

While standing in the light, make sure you destroy the Demons first, and attack Giltine after. Sometimes, her scythe will help you, and it will kill several Demons for you.

If you run out of drinks, use the vending machine.

Killing Giltine is the only way to advance in Shadows of the Damned. When she dies, she drops a blue gem which unlocks a new weapon called The Dentist.

You will also unlock Don’t Fear the Reaper 3 Achievement/Trophy.

Exit the large hall through the door that appears in front of you, and follow the stairs down.

Open the next door and move forward and then right until you enter the library.

A Shrimp Lamp will appear in front of you. Activate it and follow it, but don’t forget to stay in the light, because you will be attacked by multiple demons, especially when you reach the end of the room.

After you kill all Demons, exit through the next gate and investigate the large corridors. You will find the brain you need to open the gate protected by a Demon, and Christopher who is willing to trade with you.

There are also two small entrances where you can kill several Demons for additional white gems.

After you pick up the brain, use it to unlock the gate, and enter the Darkness.

Move forward and step into the light, to complete this chapter. You will unlock a new achievement/trophy called Ghost Hunter and the next chapter, Great Demon World Forest.

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough
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