Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough: 3-4 – The Bird’s Nest

The Bird’s Nest is the final chapter of the third act included in Shadows of the Damned, the video game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture for PS3 and Xbox 360.

This chapter includes a boss fight against one of Fleming’s Demons, named Elliot.

The guide below explains how to complete The Bird’s Nest chapter and how to defeat Elliot faster, without dying.

It is the ninth part in the full Shadows of the Damned text walkthrough, developed with the purpose of helping players who desire to beat the game.

This chapter starts inside a tunnel.

Advance and you will reach a large underground hall. Investigate it and pick up the bottle, then exit though the gate on the right.

Make sure you are ready to fight another boss, when you reach the middle of the bridge in front of you. His name is Elliot.

Elliot Beast Boss Fight

The fight against Elliot it’s easier because his weak spots are clearly marked on his body.

First you must aim for the red mechanism on his chest; however make sure you always keep an eye on Elliot.

Avoid his attacks by dodging all the time, and when you are surrounded by Darkness, look around for some red crystals on the ground. Destroy them and the Darkness will disappear.

In the next phases you must aim for Elliot’s body parts such as wings and legs.

All these parts are also marked and you can identify them quickly because they are red.

During the last phase you must shoot a Light Shot on Elliot’s tail to uncover the weak spot. It is a red mechanism and after you destroy it, Elliot is defeated, and you will unlock Annoying Mosquito Achievement/Trophy.

Make sure you pick up the ammo crates, and then cross the bridge and take the blue crystal dropped by Elliot. You will unlock the Angel Kiss.

Advance and jump through the portal on the box dropped by Elliot, to unlock the Bird’s Nest Achievement/Trophy.

The portal takes you to an area covered by Darkness.

Follow the gates and use your Light Shot on the seals to open the locked gates.

Advance and when you reach the exit you will complete the fourth chapter and the third act in the game.

The next chapter is called The Big Boner and is the first chapter of the fourth act.

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough
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