Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough: 3-3 – As Evil As Dead

As Evil As Dead is the third chapter of the third act featured in Shadows of the Damned.

The chapter includes a boss fight, and the game guide below explains how to complete it and how to defeat Kauline Grim, Maras’s sister.

The text guide is part of the full Shadows of the Damned walkthrough created with the purpose of helping players and fans of this video game.

In this chapter you continue your adventure in the Forest.

Before starting this chapter, make sure you are ready to sprint, because you will be attacked by Laura.

After the small cutscene, run as fast as you can and follow the tunnel. Select the Hotboner, because you have to place a mine to destroy an obstacle that blocks a tunnel.

You also have to light some lamps, but keep in mind that if Laura catches you, the game will end, and you must restart the chapter.

As long as you sprint all the time you will have no problems.

At the end of the tunnel, you have to fight a boss. Her name is Kauline Grim.

Kauline Grim Boss Fight

The fight against Kauline Grim is similar to the one against Maras Grim, meaning that this boss has the same weak spots.

What makes Kauline different than Maras is her ability to create duplicate images, but you can easily spot the true boss, if you look for the red device on her chest.

In other words, to defeat Kauline Grim, you need to follow these rules:

Dodge when she throws her scythe, because it inflicts serious damage.

Don’t waste your ammo while standing in the light, because Kauline Grim is invulnerable.

When she turns on the Darkness, fire a Light Shot to stun her, then aim for the red device on her chest, to damage her.

If you take too much damage from the Darkness, and you need to recover, fire a Light Shot at the Goat Head, on top of one of the gates.

When Kauline Grim creates her copies, look for the one wearing the red device, because that is the original boss.

You can also fire a Light Shot on one of Kauline’s images, and it will disappear, but since the number of images increases with each phase, you will waste time.

Defeating Kauline Grim is the only way to advance in the game. After she dies, you will unlock Don’t Fear the Reaper 2 Achievement/Trophy.

Kauline Grim also drops a blue gem, but a Hand of Darkness will appear through a gate and grab it.

To get the blue gem back, you need to enter the portal.

When you do that, make sure you run forward until you reach the pedestal at the other end. Don’t try to kill the Demons that appear, because they are invulnerable, and you will waste your ammo.

After you pick up the blue gem, Johnson will take it and you will gain access to a new weapon, named the Teethgrinder.

Next you will be teleported to another area. Move forward and you will see a gate blocked by a Demon who wants an eye.

To find the eye, you must kill all the demons that appear at the end of the alley. Pick up the item and open the gate.

Behind the gate is a Shrimp Lamp. Activate it using your Light Shot and follow it. Stay in the light all the time, but make sure you destroy the barrels when you get near them. In one of these barrels is a red gem.

Eventually the Shrimp Lamp will take you in front of a house. Enter the house as fast as you can, because Paula appears again, trying to kill you.

In the house, kill the Demon that tries to get inside through the floor, then all the Demons that appear.

Paula will jump inside the house through a window. When you reach the basement, read the book that you find there and pick up the ammo. Open the door you see under the stairs.

Follow the stairs up and trade with Christopher, then continue. Check if your weapons are loaded, because Laura appears again and you have to run.

Destroy the tree by placing a mine and fire at it, and run. Make sure you pick up the strawberry on the left and open the next gate. Don’t waste your time killing Demons, because Laura will catch you and you’ll die.

Continue running until you see a house on the left side of the road. You must enter it but to get the eye required by the Demon on the door, you must kill all Demons that attack you.

While you can’t stop Laura from running, you can win some time by stunning her; however you have to hit her with a Light Shot, and then kill all Demons. Pick up the eye and enter the house as fast as you can.

Watch the cutscene, and read the poster on the wall, then exit the house.

In the yard you will be attacked by several Demons. These enemies are different because they teleport and they move very fast. Try to use the Light Shot to stun them and then fire your weapon. Attacking them with the torch is also a good idea, especially, because they come near you.

After you kill them all, watch another cutscene and you will unlock a new weapon: the Skullfest 9000.

Pick up the weapon and exit through the gate, then follow the tunnel in front of you. Take out the next pack of Demons and advance, until you reach Christopher.

Trade with him and open the next gate to finish this chapter and to unlock As Evil As Dead Achievement/Trophy.

The next chapter in the act is called A Bird’s Nest.

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough
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