Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough: 3-2 – My Dying Concubine

My Dying Concubine is the second chapter of the third act in Shadows of the Damned, the video game released on June 21, 2011 of PS3 and Xbox 360.

The game guide below is part of the full Shadows of the Damned text walkthrough, and explains how to complete this chapter, revealing several secret areas and the path that must be followed by players who wish to beat the game.

My Dying Concubine game guide also includes additional information regarding the achievements that can be unlocked by players, the Demons that must be killed and the puzzles that appear in this chapter.

The chapter starts in an underground tunnel.

Move forward and follow the tunnel until you enter a large hall.

First, go left and destroy the fallen tree, using your Hotboner Mines. Proceed and do the same thing on the cave wall in front of you. Pick up the items inside the secret area, then return and follow the corridor on the right.

In the next area you must defeat a large Demon, similar to a Cyclops. Hit his red eye, and after you kill it, follow the gate that opens.

Move forward and make sure you activate the fireworks launcher to keep the Darkness away. Eventually, you will reach a gate protected by a Demon who needs a brain.

Follow the bridge to the right and you will see the brain in front of you, near a pedestal. When you reach this area, a large hand of Drakness appears and you must defeat several Demons to make the hand disappear.

Stay near the Fireworks launcher to the right, and activate it as soon as you are surrounded by Darkness.

When all Demons are defeated, pick up the brain, and return to the gate. Open it and advance but make sure you activate the fireworks launchers on your way, because you will be attacked.

When you reach the end of the wooden bridge, go left and near the vending machine, you will see a Goat Head.

Activate it to keep the Darkness away permanently. Open the next gate and cross the bridge.

Advance, but be careful, because you must solve a small quest in the next tunnel. First, move forward until you reach the dead end. Look to the left, and search for a small entrance. It is a secret passage and you will find a red gem there.

Now, approach the gate covered by vines. As you can see, the vines are connected to a device, and as you know, the device can be destroyed only while standing in the Darkness. On the other side, is a Goat Head, but you can only turn on Goat Heads. You can’t turn them off; therefore someone else must do it for you.

Open the cage near you and let the Demon inside, turn the Goat Head off, then while standing in the Darkness, destroy the device connected to the vines.

Turn the Goat Head back on, and kill the Demon, then open the gate.

Advance and take out the demons in the next area. Watch the small cutscene involving the Demon similar to a Cyclops, because it reveals one of its weak points. Take out the rest of the Demons and then, continue through the gate that opens in front of you.

In the next area, the bridge you’re standing on will be destroyed and you will be in water. Make sure you investigate the entire area, because to the left, behind a fallen tree is a red gem. You will also find a vending machine and you must defeat a pack of Demons.

Follow Paula and she will drop the strawberry you need to open the next gate. Take it and open the gate.

Next you will see two gates. The one on the right is protected by a Demon who needs a brain, while the one to the left is unlocked. As soon as you open the gate, hurry up and open the cages, so the Demons can turn on the Darkness which will destroy their larger friends.

After the One-Eyed Demons are dead, turn off the Darkness by shooting the Goat Head, and clear the area. Pick up the brain and give it to the Demon on the other door.

After you pass the gate you will see Paula. Don’t follow her yet. Go right, near the lake’s shore and you will reach another secret area.

Use the Hotboner to destroy the rock that blocks the tunnel in front of you, and pick up the red gem, and then return to the gate and follow the tunnel and Paula.

Move forward and trade with Christopher, then advance and you will finish this chapter.

You will unlock My Dying Concubine Achievement/Trophy and now you can play the next chapter, named As Evil As Dead.

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough
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