Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough: 2-3 – What a Wonderful World

The What a Wonderful World walkthrough below explains how to complete the third chapter of the second act featured in Shadows of the Damned.

Named What a Wonderful World, the chapter continues Garcia’s Hotspur’s adventures in Underworld, helped by his trusty sidekick, Johnson.

The game guide contains full instructions that can help players to beat this chapter, as well as trick and tips on where to find red gems and how to trade them.

You start this chapter on an alley. Move forward and pick up the ammo inside the crate in front of you.

Continue until you reach a door. Open it.

Go left and take out the demons that attack you. Don’t forget to light the lamp on the other side of the area.

Advance following the next alley and open the door on the left. Pick up the bottle and destroy the next door to the left.

Search the house and read the book in front of you: The Man Who Never Had His Fill.

Jump through the window on the right side of the room.

In the next area take out the demons and light the Goat Head if they shut it down. To proceed through the next gate, you need a strawberry. Enter the house and explore it, then jump through the window.

Take out all the demons in the next area, including those who try to shut down the Goat Head, and then enter the house through the door behind you. Explore it and turn around.

Follow the gate near the stairs and advance. Make sure you pick up the red crystal, on the alley to the right and read the poster. There is a small entrance on the right side of the alley. Pick up the strawberry, then climb the ladder.

Advance until you reach a large alley and you see Paula again.

Follow the stairs up and jump off the ledge, then use the fireworks launcher on the right to keep away the Darkness.

You must follow the gate on the left, but to open it, fire a Light Shot and try to hit the sign on the door.

Advance and you will have to open more doors.

Follow the one to the right and take out the demons that attack you while standing in a river of blood, then advance.

Open the next door to the left and advance through the Darkens, then go right and up on the stairs.

Jump off the next ledge and activate the fireworks while fighting the demons, then open the next gate and advance.

The next area is similar and there is only one path to follow, which leads you to a door covered by vines. Shoot the mechanism on the other side of the balcony while standing in Darkness, then advance through the door.

Follow the stairs up and a cutscene starts, introducing Christopher. He is a friendly demon and a trader, who’s willing to sell various items for white gems.

After you purchase the items you need, advance and go through the gate on the left. You will see a strange demon on the floor. It is a Sushi Lamp and you activate it by shooting a Light Shot. Follow the lamp and kill the demons, then clear the way by destroying the wooden door.

Eventually, you will reach a cemetery.

Investigate the cemetery and pick up the ammo crates, and then on the right side of the area you will find an empty grave. It has Garcia’s name on it and when you approach it a mechanism will spawn in the middle of the cemetery.

To destroy the mechanism you must go inside the Darkness and shoot the glowing devices using the right weapons. The red device can be damaged only by the Boner (pistol) and the blue device only by the Teether.

When all devices are’ destroyed, the mechanism will disappear; however don’t spend too much time inside the Darkness. You should lure the demons that attack you outside the Darkness and kill them, then focus on the mechanism.

After you destroy the machinery, pick up the brain that falls on the ground and use it on the gate to the right.

Advance and follow the next alley until you reach another door. Open it and you will enter a tower.

Proceed and you will reach a large hall. Here you must stand on a chandelier and use it to activate several lamps.

These lamps will put out the Darkness and you must hit the blue spheres that protect them.

This area is also rich in white crystals, therefore make sure you gather as much gems as you can.

When you reach the top, follow the ledge that appears and open the next door.

You will finish the third chapter of the second act and you will unlock the achievement/trophy called What a Wonderful World.

The next chapter is Riders of the Lost Heart.

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough
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