Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough

Shadows of the Damned Game Guide: Weapons List

In Shadows of the Damned, Garcia’s sidekick, a Demon named Johnson, is able to transform in various weapons, used by the main character to defeat his enemies.

The game guide below presents the list of weapons available in Shadows of the Damned, as well as their in-game descriptions and instructions on how to use them correctly.

When the game starts, players can access only basic weapons; however advancing in the game will unlock more powerful weapons and upgrades.

Players should know that in order to unlock a weapon or an upgrade, they need blue gems. These gems are inserted in Johnson’s head, but they are rare.

The only method to get blue gems in Shadows of the Damned is to defeat specific bosses, such as George, Maras Grim, Kauline Grim or Justine.

When the fight against a boss ends, if Garcia wins, he will be able to pick up a blue gem dropped by the boss he defeated.

One exception is the Big Boner, which is an upgraded version of the Boner used when the game starts. The Big Boner is available only in specific chapters of the game and it can’t be used all the time.


Description –- The Teether is a fast machine gun able to shoot Demon’s Teeth at a high rate of fire.

How to use – While holding aim, hold the fire button and enjoy.


Description -– The Skullcussioner is a powerful impact weapon shooting big Demon’s Skulls. Close range impact can be devastating. Have fun!


Description -– Shoot the payload for a thrilling explosion. You can create an explosive chain reaction to break glowing, cracked objects or to just blow up enemies.

How to use –- While holding Aim, hold the secondary fire button to charge, then release it to deploy your sticky payload.


Description -– Now you can fire an insane amount of Demon’s Teeth at double speed, thank to the multiple barrels. At the cost of some precision, a great weapon for crowd control and quick enemies!

Skullfest 9000

Description -– You can now shoot up to four Demon’s Skulls at once for massive carnage!

How to use -– While holding Aim, hold the fire button to load up multiple skulls then release the hounds and enjoy!

Big Boner

Description -– Angel Kiss (Hostess Club by Justine)

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The Dentist

Description -– Your insane firepower can now be automatically directed towards multiple targets!

How to use – Just aim at the targets without shooting and when they’re locked hold the fire button for some serious surgery!


Description –- You can now shoot a massive rolling Bomb and destroy everything that comes in your way.

How to use -– While holding Aim, hold the fire button to load four skulls, then wait a little bit more for the rolling Bomb to form and then release it!

Shadows of the Damned Walkthrough
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