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Saints Row The Third Game Guide: Complete List of Assassination Jobs

The following game guide reveals the full list of assassinations featured in Saints Row: The Third (also known as Saints Row: 3). The guide was created with the purpose of helping those who have purchased the game and wish to finish these special jobs.

In Saints Row: The Third players can complete a series of side-missions given by the most prominent characters in the game.

These missions can be assassinations or vehicle thefts, and they can be accesses in the character’s cell phone, by opening the Saintsbook.

Those who manage to complete all assassinations (36) will unlock a trophy/achievement called Everything is Permited.

Some assassinations in Saints Row: The Third, require special actions, items, or vehicles (cars); therefore the following walkthrough can be used by those who wish to find out how to get them faster.

Each assassination grants reputation and money, but some of them must be unlocked by advancing in the game.

Target: Karl

From: Shaundi

Location: Airport

Subject: Drug ring leader won’t play ball with Saints

Job DescriptionKarl hauls bags at the airport. He also smuggles drugs in them, and ruthlessly steps on anyone in his territory. Steal a cart at the airport and I’m sure he’ll come check you out.

How to complete this job: Just get to the airport and steal a cart. Karl will show up immediately. Shoot him down to complete this job.

Target: Almonzo

From: MR. Roller

Location: The Grove

Subject: Taking a permanent dive

Job DescriptionI represent the Concerned Professional Gamblers of Steelport, and we’re unhappy Almonzo didn’t take a dive when he was supposed to. Harass his Luchador buddies in The Grove to get him to show.

How to complete this job: Go to The Grove and start killing the gang members wearing Luchador costumes. You must reach three stars otherwise Almonzo won’t show up. One of the members carries the GL G20 weapon. Use it for increased efficiency when you fight Almonzo.

Target: Lt. Gorshin

From: Pierce

Location: New Colvin

Subject: Crooked Coop

Job DescriptionThe Syndicate’s golden boy on the Steelport PD is Lieutenant Gorshin in New Colvin…that’s what Northeast Steelport is called. Anyway, make some noise there and he’ll probably come to you. Then cap his ass and we’ll be better off.

How to complete this job: Go to New Colvin and when you enter the area, kill some civilians to increase your Police notoriety. Gorshin will show up with several police officers. Kill him first and then disappear quickly.

Target: DJ Enigmus

From: DJ Vangela

Location: Salander

Subject: Stop this DJ from spnning

Job DescriptionI can’t take it anymore! That trance crap Enigmus plays is messin’ with my groove. Go to Salander and blast some K12 from your radio, that’ll get her out. Then end her!

How to complete this job: Salander is an area in Steelport. Go there, and while driving, select the K12 radio station and drive around. Enigmus uses decoys and all of them are marked on your map. Kill all decoys to find the real DJ.

Target: Mike

From: Saint Rocco

Location: Rosen Oaks

Subject: Lite’em Up

Job DescriptionThis one’s personal. Mike’s a fireman who tried to burn down my poker den back in Stillwater. Now, he’s hiding from his debts in Steelport. Go to Rosen Oaks and Activate 911 – Emergency in your contact list and he and his coworkers’ll show up.

How to complete this job: Go to Rosen Oaks and use the phone to place an Emergency Call. Mike will appear accompanied. Take him out and disappear.

Target: Harry

From: Mrs Vandergriff

Location: Loren Square

Subject: Kill my husband! Urgent!!!

Job DescriptionI need help! My Harry is trying to kill himself, and that means I won’t get the insurance money! You’ve got to kill him before he dies! He’s planning to jump off the bridge that runs from The Grove to Loren Square. Hurry!

How to complete this job: To finish this job, open your cellphone and track it. Drive until you reach a large bridge, and you see the round symbol that marks your target. Be careful because Harry is surrounded by cops. Approach the place and assassinate him, then run away. Harry is dressed in yellow. A good idea is to park your car at the end of the bridge, so you can escape the cops faster.

Target: Officer Dealy

From: Saint Rocco

Location: Bridgeport

Subject: Drop this hard-ass

Job DescriptionDealy’s honest, but a real hard-ass. He’ll bust Saints just for taunting people in public. It’s our right to be assholes, ain’t it? Act up in Bridgeport…taunt some people, and he’ll show.

How to complete this job:Simply go to Bridgeport and find a crowded area. Press left on your D-Pad (on Xbox 360) and taunt several civilians. When Officer Dealy shows up, shoot him and vanish.

Target: Chandler

From: Concerned Citizen

Location: Sunset Park

Subject: Concerned in Steelport

Job DescriptionGood day. My name isn’t important. What IS important is how Chandler’s ambulance-chasing practice takes advantage of Steelport’s victims. Taking him out would be a civic improvement, for which you’ll be compensated. Stage an accident downtown…get a car to run you over…and you’ll find him.

How to complete this job: Drive to Sunset Park and when you get there exit the car. Look around and approach a moving vehicle, then jump in front of it. Make sure that the car has enough speed to knock you down. Chandler will spawn near you and he is alone. Take him out to finish this assassination.

Target: Luther

From: Pierce

Location: Loren Square

Subject: Stalk the Stalker

Job DescriptionLuther’s a creepy-ass sex-fiend. hey, world’s full of’em right? Except the keeps comin’ on to me every time he sees me in Loren Square. Do me a favor and remove him from circulation. His twisted ass’ll approach anybody who seems friendly, so just compliment a bunch of people.

How to complete this job: In Loren Square, find a populated area and compliment some civilians by pressing Right on your D-Pad (on Xbox 360). When Luther comes out, kill him. He is alone and he is dressed in a yellow jacket.

Target: Dr. Wang

From: Mrs. Vandergriff

Location: Loren Square

Subject: I’m hideous!

Job DescriptionDarling! Dr. Wang botched my facelift and now I look hideous. I can’t stop smiling at all! Go in for your own cosmetic surgery at his downtown office and make sure you’re his last patient ever.

How to complete this job: Open your GPS and find the cosmetic surgery office called Image as Designed. It is marked on your map by an icon showing the head of a surgeon. Enter the office and order a surgery, and then exit. Dr. Wang will appear near the office; however, he is also targeted by another hitman. Make sure you kill him first! Dr. Wang is wearing a yellow suit.

Target: Tony

From: Concerned Citizen

Location: Camano Place

Subject: Concerned in Steelport

Job DescriptionIt seems Tony, the owner of Leather and Lace up in Camano Place, thinks customers service means beating down anyone causing trouble. Go there and show him the customer is always right, even when they want him dead. Go there and order some clothing. That should get him to the register.

How to complete this job: Tony’s store is clearly marked on your map. Get there, go inside and buy something. He will appear inside the store with a baseball bat in his hand. Take him out, but stay alert because your action will increase your Police notoriety and the officers will wait for you outside.

Target: Agnes

From: Shaundi

Location: Ashwood

Subject: To hell with urban morality

Job DescriptionThere’s a group in town, called the Crusade for Urban Morality. They’re a modern-day Inquisition run by some chick named Agnes. A little streaking by her HQ near the church in Ashwood oughtta bring that repressive bitch out.

How to complete this job: First go to the location marked on your map, and you will find the church. When you get there, you will see a clothing store. Go inside and makes sure you drop your clothes, including underwear. Go outside and start streaking (press down on your D-Pad, on Xbox 360). When Agnes shows up, keep in mind that you have no weapons; therefore press the right thumbstick to hit her and finish this job. Return to the store and recover your clothes.

Target: PR0TIP

From: 00BER1337

Location: Burns Hill

Subject: D00D! Frag this N00b!

Job DescriptionSaintsbook needs better security. Anyway, I have a job for you. Pr0tip has pwnd my ass in PvP 2 many times. Go pwn his ass for real. He’ll be bragging near Decker HQ.

How to complete this job: The exact location of PR0TIP is also marked on your map. This is an easy job since all you have to do is to go to Burns Hill and eliminate him, but you should be aware because he is surrounded by several opposing gang members. Kill them too and disappear.

Target: Randall

From: Mr. Roller

Location: Point Pryor

Subject: Bad for business

Job DescriptionRandall works in security at the Three Count. He also helps himself to the take. Cause a little trouble up around that casino…assault some patrons or something…to draw him out, and you can make Steelport safe for honest gamblers.

How to complete this job: Randall is a security-officer and he is well armed. To get him, go to the casino and look around for ‘’well dressed’’ civilians, especially near the limousines parked outside. Kill one or two and Randall will spawn. Take him out as well as his coworkers if you wish, and you will finish this assignment.

Target: Jake

From: Raspuntin

Location: Camano Place

Subject: I’m looking for a professional.

Job DescriptionCall me Rasputin. I’m highly-placed in the Morningstar, but have my reasons for wanting to embarrass the current leadership. Jake’s a cement truck driver who helps bury the bodies. You’ll find him driving around Salander. Eliminate him and I’ll trust you with something bigger.

How to complete this job: Drive to Salander and you will see Jake’s truck on the streets. The location is marked by the white target. Catch him and if he tries to run, fire several bullets in his truck to slow him down. When he gets out, execute him.

Target: Blaize

From: Pierce

Location: Carver Island

Subject: Get this shit…

Job DescriptionSo there’s this wanna-be superhero called Blaize who gets of beatin’up criminals, including us. The crew ain’t happy about him running around. Piss him off by robbin’a store anywhere in Carver Island….that’s the Southwest district, then put his ass down.

How to complete this job: Go to Carver Island and find a store. Get inside and hold down LT (on Xbox 360) to aim the store’s owner. Keep the trigger pulled to rob the store, than go outside and kill Blaize. Be very careful because this action will increase your Police notoriety, and they will wait for you outside. Just take out Blaize and run.

Target: Jim

From: Pierce

Location: Sunset Park

Subject: Cancel our cable

Job DescriptionCan you believe I got taken by a cable guy? This dick, called himself Jim, offered unlimited cable for life, but now he’s got my money and all I can see is that public broadcasting shit. Lure this con in by goin’ to the HQ and placing a dummy order on your phone and put an end to this bullshit.

How to complete this job: Go to the headquarters of the Saints, and while standing in front of the building, access the phone’s list of contacts. Call the Steelport cable dispatcher and wait until Jim appears. Kill him fast and enter the crib, if you see any cops.

Target: Oliver

From: Jane Valderamma

Location: Brickston

Subject: Late-breaking news!

Job DescriptionOlvier, the Eye-in-the-Sky News Guy is trying to take my audience. I think a helicopter crash story would be a good way to win my fans back. Any idea how I can arrange that? He’s usually doing traffic hovering over Brickston right about now if you want to snatch an aircraft and pay him a visit.

How to complete this job: To finish this mission, you need a helicopter. If you don’t have one yet, you should go to Wesley Cutter INTL. and steal one. After you get the helicopter, mark your target on the map and follow the GPS until you reach Brickston. Fly around and Oliver will show up. Fly into his chopper to create an explosive and you will finish the job. Don’t worry, because your helicopter won’t explode.

Target: Danny

From: Concerned Citizen

Location: Yearwood

Subject: Stop this public menace, now!!!

Job DescriptionI can’t take it anymore!!! Our pizza delivery guy IS STUPID!!! Every order is WRONG! Try it, go to Yearwood then use your phone to order something!!! It’s SO FRUSTRATING!!! I WANT MY PIZZA!!! Stop this MADNESS and KILL THIS IDIOT before I GO INSANE!!!

How to complete this job: To attract Danny, all you have to do is to go to Yearwood and use your phone to place an order for a pizza. While this may look like an easy job, it isn’t, because there Danny uses decoys and he is also targeted by another hitman; therefore you have to find the real target before your opponent. Make sure you aim for Danny’s head to kill him and his co-workers faster.

Target: Brutus

From: Rasputin

Location: Sunset Park

Subject: Eliminate rogue brute

Job DescriptionThe Syndicate has produced a…sensitive brute. This defect must be removed. If you look friendly and approach with no weapons out, you can get close while he is sniffing flowers in the park downtown. I’ll be in touch.

How to complete this job: Go to Sunset Park and when you reach the zone, drop your weapons (select the fists from the menu). Eventually, your target will appear on the screen. Equip a weapon and take him out. Be careful because Brutus is a tough opponent since he is a brute. Don’t stay in one place and aim for the head.

Target: Mr. Dickson

From: Rasputin

Location: Loren Square

Subject: Execute arrogant front-man

Job DescriptionI am pleased with your work, but there is moire to do. Mr. Dickson is a prominent figure in the organization. He is an arrogant man who refused to ride in anything but a limo. You will wait for him in a limo near his office at Loren Square. See to it that Mr. Dickson retires early.

How to complete this job: To complete this assassination, you need a limousine. If you can’t find one, try “rich places” such as the casino in Point Pryor. Drive back to Dickson’s office and park it outside. In few seconds, Dickson will enter the car. Go outside and he will exit too. Take him out and collect your reward.

Target: Grigor

From: Rasputin

Location: Camano Place

Subject: A reward for all you’ve done

Job DescriptionMy faith in you was well placed.The time has come for you to claim your reward. The Morningstar are moving a large amount of cash. Find Grigor, their courier, near the Camano Place wharf. Take from him what is rightfully yours.

How to complete this job: During this assassination, you should be very careful. Behind the wharf is a gang, and if you did not eliminate it, go there and kill all members. Vanish for a while and then return and you will find Grigor. Kill him, then run. If you already killed the gang, Grigor will wait for you outside. In both cases, after you kill him, your notoriety will reach the highest level; therefore try to purchase all shops in the area for a quick escape.

Target: Barry

From: Concerned Citizen

Location: Loren Square

Subject:Concerned in Steelport

Job DescriptionI hear you’ve been doing Rasputin’s dirty work (his real name’s Barry by the way), and that he tried to have you eliminated. I don’t think I approve of that. Now he’s on the run. He’s on his roof downtown waiting for his helicopter. It’d be the best if you were the one to pick him up.

How to complete this job: This assassination is not as hard as it seems. All you need is a helicopter. If you don’t have one, go to the airport. Mark the target on your cell and fly until you reach Barry’s building. Land the helicopter on the marked spot and wait few seconds. When he appears, take him out, but keep in mind that several bodyguards accompany him. Kill them all and collect your reward.

Target: Michael

From: Kinzie

Location: Ashwood

Subject: Got pulled over again…:(

Job DescriptionMichael is a former DA who now works for the Deckers. He’s not only totally crooked, he pretty much wrote the book on identity protection. I have a copy, it’s not bad actually…I know he drives to work, so I’m thinking you can grab a police car and pull him over somewhere in Ashwood.

How to complete this job: All you have to do is to drive to Ashwood in a Police car. If you cannot find one, kill some civilians and a patrol will eventually show up. Steal their car and drive to Ashwood. When you reach that area, Michael will be marked on your screen, but keep in mind that he will try to run. Follow him, block his car, and when she gets out kill him. You can also blow up his vehicle if you wish.

Target: Alejandro

From: Angel

Location: Sunset Park

Subject: Make the pickup

Job DescriptionThe Luchadores have built their success with imported steroids. Every week this guy brings them a new shipment. He’ll be on the docks near Sunset Park, looking for a Luchadore vehicle to make the pickup. Make sure you’re driving the vehicle, and put an end to the whole operation.

How to complete this job: This mission is similar to the one described above, but the difference is that you need a Luchadore vehicle. If you can’t find one fast, go to Port Pryor and look for a gang. Kill them to increase your Luchadore Notoriety and when more members arrive, steal one of their cars, and drive back Sunset Park. Alejandro will wait for you and he will be marked. Take him out and grab the reward.

Target: Kirsten

From: Kinzie

Location: Salander

Subject: Pick up some aspirin on the way home

Job DescriptionKirsten’s a Decker surveillance specialist, and she might be listening to you right now! She’s monitoring known Saint’s locations. If you go to Planet Saints in Salander and, well, blow some stuff up with a grenade…she’ll get a splitting headache and maybe even come out of hiding.

How to complete this job: Before starting Kirsten’s assassination, make sure you have a grenade in your inventory. Drive to Salander and go inside Planet Saints. Throw a grenade inside the store and go outside. Be careful because Kirsten uses decoys. Take those decoys out one by one, until you kill the right target. To decrease your notoriety level, get inside Planet Saints (assuming that you purchased the store). Otherwise, steal a car and drive as fast as you can.

Target: Gerrard

From: Angel

Location: New Baranec

Subject: Subtlety optional

Job DescriptionGerrard was dirty as a wrestler, but she’s even worse since he left the ring. Much of the Luchadores’s shadiest business passes through him. Pull up to his gas station in a car he’ll admire…he likes muscle cars, then kill him. No need to kill this one subtle. Blow up the whole station if you want.

How to complete this job: To kill Gerrard, you need a muscle car. Look around for a Phoenix and drive it to his gas station. He is armed with a baseball bat; therefore he is an easy target as long as you keep the distance. Kill him and you will complete this job.

Target: Lucas

From: Kinzie

Location: Burns Hill

Subject: Please water the flowers for me

Job DescriptionWe’ve got a plant! A Saint named Lucas has been reporting to the Deckers. Best way to get close to him is to dress the part. I’ve put a nice Decker outfit you can wear in your wardrobe. Put it on and go up near the nuclear plant. You may need to fight off a few of our own, but keep your eye out for him.

How to complete this job: First, go to Shaundi’s Loft. Access your wardrobe and then go to Suits. Click wear and you character will dress as a Decker. Now, go to the marked location and take him out, but be careful because several Deckers protect him. A good idea is to use your McManus 2015 sniper rifle and kill your target from distance.

Target: Whitney

From: Angel

Location: Airport

Subject: Book the flight

Job DescriptionKillbane’s publicist, Whitney, needs to disappear but we don’t want this one tied to us. Her people would destroy us in the press if they figure it out. A plane crash won’t leave much evidence. Pick her up at the airport gate. Fly her up, then jump out and leave her behind.

How to complete this job: Mark your target on the cellphone and go to the airport. When you reach the required area, you will see the Snipes 57 plane. It is a black aircraft. Get inside and wait for Whitney. Take off and while in the air press Y (on Xbox 360) to jump. Don’t forget to press Y again to open your parachute.

Target: Sgt. Steiner

From: Pierce

Location: Abandoned Memorial

Subject: STAG Sgt. calling you out

Job DescriptionSTAG’s got this commando, Sgt. Steiner, who’s pretty much a one man killing machine. Our boys, can’t touch him. He’s an arrogant sonofabitch, though, and wants a showdown with you. They said you could go to that big-ass statue then call this number. Grab your best gear and bring that asshole down.

How to complete this job: To reach Steiner’s location you need a boat or a helicopter. Call your gang if you already own a helicopter, or go to one of the city’s piers. Get to the island marked on your radar, and while standing near the large statue in the middle, access your phonebook and call the number added for this assassination. When Steiner appears, take him out.

Target: Ulysses

From: Viola

Location: Henry Steel Mills

Subject: Take down the fence

Job DescriptionUlysses is a high-end fence and a major source of funds to the Syndicate. He also loves all kinds of aircraft. If you fly around his building, he’s bound to come out and watch. When he does, kill him.

How to complete this job: If you own an F-69 VTOL, you won’t have any problems in completing this mission. All you have to do is to fly to the marked area and kill your target while in the air, using the plane’s weapons. You can also do this if you fly an armed helicopter such as the Oppressor. On the other hand, if you do not have an armed chopper you must fly around until your target gets out. Land and kill him. If you don’t have an aircraft make sure you visit the airport and steal one.

Target: Smoov

From: Zimos

Location: Henry Steel Mills

Subject: Grab a ho and he’ll show

Job DescriptionSmoov’s a hustler who don’t recognize old school no more, dig? Now he hangs with the Syndicate. Grab one of his hos in henry Steel Mills. His hos will be the fatter, uglier ones…not those tight strippers you see prancin’ around. Anyway, when he shows, ice that cat.

How to complete this job: While in Steel Mills, drive around and look for prostitutes. All of them wear short skirts, but only some of them are fat. Grab one by pressing Y (on Xbox 360) while standing near her, and wait for Smoov to show up. When he does, throw away your hostage, and then kill him.

Target: Clovis

From: Zimos

Location: Camano Place

Subject: Mess with my ho, you gotta go

Job DescriptionSome hot-shot mechanic named Clovis’s been beatin’ on my hos and I can’t be havin’ that. Bad for morale, know what I’m sayin’? How ’bout you make sure my girls can work in peace? Shame to lose a good mechanic though. You oughta get some work done before you lay him out. He hangs at Rim Jobs in Camano Place.

How to complete this job: Go to Camano Place and enter one of the garages you find in that area. Modify the color of your car, or any other part you want, and then exit. Clovis waits for you outside. Kill him to complete the job and get the reward.

Target: Andre

From: Zimos

Location: Espina

Subject: The big time, baby

Job DescriptionAndre’s a big-time Morningstar pimp. Half the hos in this city turn tricks of him. It’s gonna take a lot to draw him out though. Take out a whole bunch of his bitches in Espina – any ho you find there works for him. AND get Morningstar as mad as you can get them up there, and you’ll be good.

How to complete this job: To complete this mission, go to Espina and look for prostitutes (remember that all of them are almost naked). Kill as many as you can, then focus on Morningstar. Increase your notoriety level with Morningstar and Andre will show up. Keep in mind that you will find many porstitutes in parking-lots and after you kill them they usually spawn in the same place. Additionally, don’t forget that a prostutite is also a civilian and the police will be alerted. If you need help with this assasination, you can call one of your gang members.

Target: Bernie

From: Mayor Reynolds

Location: Rosen Oaks

Subject: Tabloid Reporter

Job DescriptionHave you seen what that tabloid slimeball Bernie Smith-Jones has been writing? Once he’s done slandering me, I hear you’ll be next. I say the best defense is a good offense. Why don’t you give him a “tip”? Just call him on your phone’s contact list, then meet him somewhere. Just leave my name out of this, of course.

How to complete this job: In order to finish this assassination, all you have to do is to drive to Rosen Oaks and then look for Bernie’s phone number in your agenda. Call the Newsroom City Desk and Bernie will show up, but be careful because he uses decoys. Shoot the brown haired target to complete this mission. A good idea is to use your sniper rifle to avoid an unpleasant situation.

Target: Mr. Hess

From: Mayor Reynolds

Location: Henry Steel Mills

Subject:Re-Election Campaign

Job DescriptionDistrict Attorney Hess is planning to run for mayor. This town already has the only one he needs. Catch up with him at the federal courthouse in Henry Mills and I’m sure you can change his mind.

How to complete this job: As soon as you enter Henry Steel Mills, several targets will be marked on your screen. To complete this mission, you must find the real attorney, and the only way to do this is to kill the decoys.

If you wish to complete this mission faster, you should use the VTOL and take out your targets while in the air. Another method is to use an armed helicopter, because in the air, you will avoid the police troops.

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