Saints Row 4 Hotspots Locations

Saints Row 4 Hotspots Locations

Another type of targets that will help you conquer Steelport faster, are the Saints Row 4 Hotspots, and their exact locations are revealed by the following guide.

Similar to the Flashpoints featured in the video game, the Hotspots are in fact important areas controlled by Zinyak; however, these areas must be disabled, unlike the Flashpoints that must be deleted.

While the process may look similar, you will observe that it is harder to disable a Hotspot than to delete a Flashpoint; therefore, the video game only features six Hotspots.

The guide below includes a map which shows the Saints Row 4 Hotspots Locations, as well as a video tutorial demonstrating how to disable one of them.

The Saints Row 4 Hotspots allow you to gain control over large neighborhoods and award your character with cache and experience, therefore all of them should be disabled as soon as possible.

How To Disable A Hotspot in Saints Row 4

After you find Hotspot in Saints Row 4, you will notice that it is surrounded by a powerful force field which blocks your attacks.

The force field must be disabled in order to allow you to reach the hotspot’s main control panel. To disable the said force field, you have to find all generators used to power it, and destroy them. A Hotspot is powered by at least two generators, which are also very well protected.

The generators are automatically displayed on your HUD. After you clear the area around one of these generators, you will be able to destroy it by interacting with the central piece; however, you must know that the process takes time and can be interrupted by your enemies.

Once all generators are destroyed you also have to clear the area around the Hotspot and then disable it by destroying the central control panel.

If a Hotspot is disabled while the enemies are around it, all of them will be killed when you take over the said Hotspot.

Some Hotspots and their generators in Saints Row IV are located on floating platforms that can’t be reached without the Super Jump Power, which means that you can’t disable them unless you upgrade your powers.

Nevertheless, these strategic points play an important role in the game, along with other targets such as the Towers and the Flashpoints.

Saints Row 4 Hotspots Locations

Listed below are all Saints Row 4 neighborhoods featuring Hotspots.


Salander Hotspots: 1

Carver Island:

Yearwood Hotspots: 1

Bridgeport Hotspots: 1


Loren Square Hotspots: 2

New Colvin:

Rosen Oaks Hotspots: 1

Saints Row 4 Hotspots Locations

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