Saints Row 4 Flashpoints Locations

Saints Row 4 Flashpoints Locations

To assume control over Steelport faster, you can target some of the Saints Row 4 Flashpoints and delete them by killing all Zin aliens.

The video game includes 32 flashpoints and to find them you have to search for them while exploring the city.

At the beginning of the game, when you enter Steelport, the Saints Row 4 Flashpoints Locations are unknown; however, if you use the map below, you will be able to find them faster and quickly delete them.

Deleting a Flashpoint in Saints Row IV can be a challenging action, since these areas are well protected by aliens; but it is imperative to control all flashpoints if you want to take over all neighborhoods.

How To Delete A Flashpoint in Saints Row 4

After you locate the area using the Saints Row 4 Flashpoints Map below, you will have to approach the flashpoint’s location and engage the enemies.

Even if these attacks will increase your notoriety in the city, thus alerting the cops, you have to make sure that you focus your attacks only on the marked aliens.

When you kill all marked targets near a flashpoint, you will automatically delete it, and the area surrounding it will move under your control.

Nevertheless, you have to be aware that sometimes, after you kill all aliens, a Warden will be sent by Zinyak.

The Wardens are extremely powerful foes, and later in the game they will be surrounded by shields.

To defeat a shielded Warden you have to use the powers you unlock in order to disable the creature’s shield. When the shield is down, you can attack the Warden using your favorite weapon.

Since at the beginning of the game the Wardens won’t wear any shields, it is a good idea to delete as many flashpoints as you can, by traveling to their exact locations, using the map below.

Saints Row 4 Flashpoints Locations

The following list includes all neighborhoods featuring flashpoints that can be conquered.


Burns Hill Flashpoints: 4

Ashwood Flashpoints: 1

Salander Flashpoints: 1

Arapice Island Flashpoints: 2

Brickston Flashpoints: 2

Carver Island:

Yearwood Flashpoints: 4

The Grove Flashpoints: 2

Bridgeport Flashpoints: 1

Port Pryor Flashpoints: 1


Sunset Park Flashpoints: 3

Loren Square Flashpoints: 3

Henry Steel Mills Flashpoints: 3

New Colvin:

Espina Flashpoints: 1

Rosen Oaks Flashpoints: 1

Wesley Cutter Flashpoints: 1

Camano Place Flashpoints: 2

Saints Row 4 Flashpoints Locations

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