Rocksmith 2014 Tracklist

Rocksmith 2014 Tracklist

The last 10 songs featured in Rocksmith 2014 have been unveiled five days before the official release of the video game published by Ubisoft, and the following guide introduces the complete Rocksmith 2014 tracklist.

The list of songs in Rocksmith 2014 features more than 50 tracks; however, players are allowed to convert and transfer their favorite music from the previous Rocksmith game, as long as they agree to pay a fee.

The fee applies only to the songs in Rocksmith, which means that the tracks purchased as DLCs can be transferred for free. Along with the tracks from the previous video game, and those listed below, players can also buy additional DLCs for Rocksmith 2014.

Rocksmith 2014 is a music video game developed by Ubisoft and it was officially announced at E3 2013, for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Unlike the previous video game, Rocksmith 2014 is focused on helping fans who wish to learn guitar; therefore, developers implemented more than 85 tutorials and guitar lessons.

Other features such as Session Mode, Master Mode and Guitarcade mini-games have been added to enhance the gameplay. In Session Mode, Rocksmith 2014 players can learn how to perform jam sessions being helped by virtual bands that react depending on how players manage to perform.

In Master Mode, the player can test his skills by performing songs from memory, while the Guitarcade mini-games were added to motivate fans while practicing.

To play Rocksmith 2014, users need the Hercules adapter, and any guitar that has a standard 1/4″ output jack. Since most acoustic guitars don’t have a standard 1/4″ output jack, players must purchase pickups in order to play the game. According to the FAQ page at, amplifiers are not required to play Rocksmith 2014.

Rocksmith 2014 supports a single-player mode and a split-screen multiplayer mode, allowing up to 2 players to perform side-by-side. The video game includes 47 achievements on Xbox 360 and 47 trophies on PlayStation 3.

List Of Songs

“Walk This Way” – By: Aerosmith

“No More Mr. Nice Guy” – By: Alice Cooper

“Stone” – By: Alice In Chains

“R U Mine? ” – By: Arctic Monkeys

“Bat Country” – By: Avenged Sevenfold

“Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” – By: Bob Dylan

“Peace of Mind” – By: Boston

“Machinehead” – By: Bush

“ultra soul” – By: B’z

“Pour Some Sugar On Me (2012)” – By: Def Leppard

“My Own Summer (Shove It)” – By: Deftones

“The Trooper” – By: Iron Maiden

“Wasteland” – By: EarlyRise

“Chompers” – By: Fang Island

“Everlong” – By: Foo Fighters

“Brand New Kind Of Blue” – By: Gold Motel

“X-Kid” – By: Green Day

“Sixteen Saltines” – By: Jack White

“Stay In” – By: JAWS

“Satch Boogie” – By: Joe Satriani

“Rock And Roll All Nite” – By: Kiss

“Love That’s Gone” – By: La Sera

“Black Magic” – By: Magic Wands

“Blood and Thunder” – By: Mastodon

“Cold Company” – By: Minus The Bear

“Sweet Mountain River” – By: Monster Truck

“Knights Of Cydonia” – By: Muse

“Heart Shaped Box” – By: Nirvana

“Don’t Look Back In Anger” – By: Oasis

“Cemetary Gates” – By: Pantera

“Now” – By: Paramore

“Sore Tummy” – By: PAWS

“We Are The Champions” – By: Queen

“Paranoid Android” – By: Radiohead

“Blitzkreig Bop” – By: Ramones

“Round and Round” – By: Ratt

“Wires” – By: Red Fang

“Losing My Religion” – By: R.E.M.

“Savior” – By: Rise Against

“The Spirit of Radio” – By: Rush

“Rotten Apple” – By: Screaming Females

“War Ensemble” – By: Slayer

“All I Wanna Do” – By: Splashh

“Hypnotize” – By: System Of A Down

“Go Further” – By: Tak Matsumoto

“Stuck On A Wire Out On A Fence” – By: The Dear Hunter

“You Really Got Me” – By: The Kinks

“Every Breath You Take” – By: The Police

“Paint It, Black” – By: The Rolling Stones

“For A Fool” – By: The Shins

“The Chimera” – By: The Smashign Pumpkins

“My Generation” – By: The Who

“Mary Jane’s Last Dance” – By: Tom Petty And The Heart Breakers

“Say It Ain’t So” – By: Weezer

“Thunder Kiss ’65” – By: White Zombie

Rocksmith 2014 Tracklist
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