Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

Risen 2 The Sugar Trade Quest Walkthrough

After we complete the Pirate Post quest in Risen 2, if we continue to talk to Booze located inside the Pirates’ Tavern, we are able to activate an optional quest, called The Sugar Trade.

To finish this quest, we have to travel back to Puerto Sacarico (Tacarigua) and give Di Fuego, Booze’s answer.

Our conversation with Booze can continue on various subjects, and in this case we can also activate two additional quests: The Sugar Shipment and The Water Carriers.

For now; however, we must focus on The Sugar Trade.


“Booze wants me to make a deal with the Inquisition. I’ll need money from Pedro.”


100 Glory Points for completing the quest, and 5 bottles of rum for returning to Booze with an answer. Additional rewards can be received, depending on how we approach the situation.


As soon as we talk to Booze, and activate The Sugar Trade quest, we return to Puerto Sacarico. The path to the town is well known by us, since we already completed Find the Pirates’ Den quest.

When we enter Puerto Sacarico we find Pedro and tell him that he has a problem. We try to ask him to pay as much as possible (300 gold), if our Intimidation skill is over 20. If not we ask him to give us 200 gold.

Next, we find Di Fuego and give him the letter. The reward for this specific quest depends on the following options that appear once we talk to the governor:

Option 1:

We tell the governor that we received 100 Gold, only if our Silver Tongue skill is equal or higher than 30. In this case, the governor will send us to see Roquefort.

Option 2:

We tell Di Fuego that we received 200 gold, and we will automatically ask him to give us the reward. Di Fuego, will send us to see Roquefort who will pay us.

Option 3:

We tell him that we received 300 Gold and we will receive an additional 100 gold from Di Fuego. In this case we won’t have to talk to Roquefort.

If we choose one of the first two options mentioned above (Option 1 is the recommended one), we meet Roquefort and ask him to pay. Now, we have two options:

Option 1:

We Intimidate him (recommended), and get the money without fighting him. We follow this path if our hero’s Intimidation skill is above 30.

Option 2:

We challenge him to a duel, and if we win we receive 100 Glory Points and 75 Glory. If Roquefort defeats our hero, we won’t get any gold.

No matter how we decide to play the last part, The Sugar Trade quest ends once we talk to Di Fuego. Next, we have to focus on completing The Water Carriers and The Sugar Shipment.

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough
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