Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

Risen 2 Search the Beach Quest Walkthrough

Search the Beach is a Risen 2 quest, which follows the events of the first quest in the game (Meet the Commandant!).

Our hero is in Caldera and along with Carlos; we assisted the attack of the Kraken on a ship. Carlos asked us to search the beach and look for survivors.


“An Inquisition ship was destroyed by the Kraken. I should go to the beach and look for survivors.”




When we reach the outpost’s courtyard, we can see a locked gate and near it, Juan. First we talk to Largo (inside the cell), next to the gate, and make sure we learn how to sneak.

Next we talk to Juan, who is willing to open the gate for us. If we don’t have the Officer’s Sword, we have to go back to our room and pick it up.

We exit the outpost, descend the stairs, and turn right, towards the beach.

We can find a chest near the stairs, if we turn around, while facing the beach.

We continue to advance, scouting the area, and eventually we will trigger a cutscene showing Patty.

After the cutscene, Search the Beach ends, and we will start the next quest in line: Rescue Patty.

We get ready for a fight against three Sand Devils.

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