Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

Risen 2 Kitchen Help Quest Walkthrough

Kitchen Help is a short Risen 2 quest available in Puerto Sacarico, and unlocks a new series of quests that can be completed while visiting Tacarigua.

The quest giver for Kitchen Help is Osorio, the cook, who resides in a small cottage opposite to the governor’s villa (the highest building in Sacarico).

We meet Osorio while playing the Provisions quest; however he also has a job for us, and if we accept it, we will activate the quest named Kitchen Help.


“Osorio needs someone to help him in the kitchen. I should talk to Patty about it.”


50 Glory Points


The only way to complete Kitchen Help in Risen 2 is to convince Patty to spend one day in the kitchen. While this seems to be an easy task, it isn’t, because she won’t agree to do it, unless our cunning attribute is high enough, or our Silver Tongue talent is above 10.

To increase the Silver Tongue talent we have several options.

We can opt to level up, and then spend 1000 Glory points on cunning, or we can purchase an item which increases our Silver Tongue. Such an item can be bought from Governor Di Fuego.

It is a Silk Shirt which adds 10 points to Silver Tongue, and costs 500 gold.

No matter how we decide to increase our Silver Tongue talent, once we reach 10 or above, we talk to Patty, in Osorio’s house.

We tell Patty that we have a plan, and then we convince her to take the job. Next, we inform Osorio that we found someone to assist him, and the Kitchen Help quest ends, but another one is activated: Grog for the Guards.

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough
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