Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

Risen 2 Grog for the Guards Quest Walkthrough

Grog for the Guards is another quest in Risen 2 and can be triggered only by completing Kitchen Help.

Grog for the Guards is a short-quest which unlocks another one, but the decisions made while playing it, can affect the rewards received by our hero.

After we complete Kitchen Help, Osorio the cook, asks us to deliver some grog to the guards on the cotton plantations.




50 Glory Points


To complete Grog for the Guards, we must travel north from Puerto Sacarico, following the path in the jungle.

The cotton plantation appears in front of us, as we descend a hill.

On the other side of the plantation, we can see a small cottage, and in front of it, a bench. On the bench we find Gilles.

We talk to Gilles and inform him that we brought the grog for his men.

At this point, Gilles asks us to inform another guard, named Thompkins that the grog arrived.  How we respond, affects the next quest:

Option 1:

We agree to find Thompkins, and activate a new quest, named Let Thompkins Know! . Eventually, this quest will lead us back to Osorio, and we will receive a decent reward.

Option 2:

We ask Gilles to find Thompkins by himself, and he will leave. This option allows us to check the cabin he protects, and loot everything we find inside. If we choose this option,  Let Thompkins Know! can’t be completed.

Additionally, the quest triggered by Thompkins, and the rewards from Osorio, will not be received by our hero.

Note: A good idea is to accept the job, and find Thompkins, because sneaking inside the cabin is also dangerous.

No matter what we decide, Grog for the Guards ends. Now, we can play the next quest (Let Thompkins Know!), or we return to Puerto Sacarico to finish other Tacarigua quests.

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough
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