Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

Risen 2 Find the Pirates’ Den Quest Walkthrough

Find the Pirates’ Den is a Risen 2 story-quest triggered as soon as we reach Tacarigua and Puerto Sacarico.

This specific quest allows us to advance through the game’s story, and can be considered a sub-objective to the main quest called The Titan Weapon.

The main objective of the said quest is to find Steelbeard, which resides in the Pirates’ Den.

It is important to start our journey north-east towards the Pirates’ Den only after we complete as many quests as we can in Puerto Sacarico. Some of them, such as Freeing Largo or Pirate Post, will eventually lead us to the camp of the pirates.

The journey is not an easy one; therefore we make sure our hero is well equipped and accompanied by Patty.


“I need to find the Pirates’ Den on Tacarigua.”


100 Glory Points


We begin our journey travelling from Puerto Sacarico, to north-east, until we reach Vasco’s Tower. We go left, around the tower, and we observe the entrance to a cave.

We cross the cave, and when we exit, we turn left and continue to follow the path, until we see a bridge. After we cross the wooden bridge, we turn left again and push forward.

As we descend the hill, to the left we see the walls of an encampment. It is the Pirates’ Den, but to complete the quest, we have to enter the base.

The main gate is protected by a pirate named Fence. Depending on our hero’s talents we can intimidate or use our Silver Tongue talent, to convince him to open the gate; however, we can’t do that if these two talents are below 15.

If we fail to convince Fence to open the door, we open the map and we can see that we can go around the camp, following the beach to the east.

We explore the beach, and eventually we will meet a new pirate named Blake. We should talk to him, in order to start a new quest, called Crab Slapping with Blake.

If not, we can simply go around him and enter the den. In this case, the Risen 2 Find the Pirates’ Den quest ends, and we can focus on Freeing Largo.

We should postpone our meeting with Steelbeard as much as we can, because once we meet the captain, Patty will leave our party.

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough
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