Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

Risen 2 Dark Waters To Tacarigua Quest Walkthrough

To Tacarigua, is the final Risen 2 quest we can complete during our first visit to Caldera. To Tacarigua is activated after our discussion with Carlos, at the Inquisition’s headquarters.

Eventually, if we decide to finish the quest, we will travel to a new island.

Note: To Tacarigua is an irreversible quest, because at this point we can’t move between islands. This means that we should play this quest after all quests in Caldera have been completed, especially Flotsam.


“The Black Betty is sailing to Tacarigua. I must speak to Commander Sebastiano on the ship, and get him to take me with them.”


100 Glory Points


To Tacarigua is a short quest, and to finish it, all we have to do is to locate the docks. There is only one ship stationed, and that’s the ship that will take us to the new island.

On our way, if we didn’t complete Flotsam, we make sure we talk to the storehouse master, and activate the side-quest. We can also sneak inside the storehouse and steal the goblets located on the second floor.

These items, can be sold when we reach Tacarigua.

Assuming that we have completed all quests in Caldera, we head down the pier and board the ship.

We talk to Commander Sebastiano, and we tell him that we have to sail to Tacarigua.

After a short cutscene, we will reach our new destination.

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough
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