Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

Risen 2 Dark Waters Talk to Carlos Quest Walkthrough

After we finish Rescue Patty in Caldera, we will activate another Risen 2 quest, called Talk to Carlos.

As most Risen 2 quests, we have completed so far in the game, Talk to Carlos is a short quest, which requires our presence at the Inquisition’s headquarters.


“Patty discovered something and needs a ship. We need to talk to Carlos about it.”




If we start the quest inside our hero’s room, we have to go back to the courtyard, and we will notice that a new door was opened. We can see Carlos while standing outside; however, it is important not to approach him yet.

Instead, we enter the room, and go left, following the stairs to the second floor.

If the cutscene showing Carlos and Sebastiano starts, we complete the conversation with them first, then go upstairs. Next to a desk we can see Angus.

We make sure we talk to Angus who is working at the payroll, and we ask him about our money.

Using our Silver Tongue skill, we convince Angus to pay us, and we will increase our amount of gold by 200.

Next, we open our log, and observe that three additional quests have been activated:

To Tacarigua

Find SteelbeardTacarigua quest

Titan Weapon – Story Quest, which continues in Tacarigua

It is now time to reach the pier where the ship to Tacarigua awaits for us. On our way, we will complete a side-quest called Flotsam, and we will practice our sneaking skill.

Note: We can earn additional Glory Points, and an achievement/trophy, if we duel Severin, outside. If we tell him to Carry on, during our first conversation with Severin, he will become our Blade Trainer.

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough
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