Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

Risen 2 Dark Waters Rescue Patty Quest Walkthrough

The third Risen 2 quest in Caldera is called Rescue Patty. The quest is automatically triggered, while we explore the beach near the Inquisition’s Outpost, following the orders we have received from Carlos (Meet the Commandant! quest).

Rescue Patty is also a short quest that must be completed immediately, for additional glory points.


“Patty is alive. I need to help her kill the Sand Devils at the beach to keep it that way.”


100 Glory Points for finishing Rescue Patty and 50 Glory Points for each Sand Devil killed.


During this quest, we will learn how to fight in Risen 2.

It is important to know that for each monster killed in Risen 2, we earn Glory Points. Our party members, who will fight with us later in the game, will help us; however, Patty is not a crew member yet.

Therefore, we must make sure that we take out the weakened Sand Devils first, and then concentrate our attacks on the final monster that has increased health.

Patty is a great fighter, and she will deliver several blows, but the final attack must come from our hero.

After we take out all Sand Devils, we will trigger a new cutscene and we will return to the fort. After a discussion with Patty and Carlos, our hero returns to his room and Rescue Patty ends. A new quest, called Talk to Carlos, begins.

Note:  At this point it is a good idea to go back to the beach where we have found Patty.

If we check the beach we can notice a cave inside the mountain, to the right. We make sure we inspect this specific cave, where we will find the Hero’s Crown.

Inside the cave we will also fight against two Sand Devils, but he Hero’s Crown, is an item which must be acquired.

It has a permanent effect and it will increase our Intimidation by 1 point, as well as our Bladeproof and Bulletproof attributes.

We get the Hero’s Crown, boost our skills, then we return to the outpost and look for Carlos, since this is the objective of the next quest.

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