Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

Risen 2: Dark Waters Provisions Quest Walkthrough

After we reach Tacarigua in Risen 2, and after we complete Sturdy Clothes, we should also finish the second quest we received from Pedro.

The quest is called Provisions, and it is a very easy one.  Pedro, the quest-giver is located in the central area of Puerto Sacarico.

He also allows us to start A Map of Tacarigua, which requires our presence in the governor’s mansion. The mansion is the highest building in Puerto Sacarico.

If we face it and turn around, we should see a small house, across the street.  In this building we will find Osorio.


“Osorio, the cook can sell me supplies.”


50 Glory Points


To finish the Risen 2 side-quest, named Provisions, all we have to do it to find Osorio and talk to him.

We ask him about the provisions he has to sell, and we will automatically complete the Provisions quest.

If we continue to talk to Osorio, and ask him about a possible job, we can activate a new quest, called Kitchen Help; however, we should play it later, because we need to convince Patty to work in the kitchen.

At this point, we can’t convince Patty, since our Silver Tongue skill must be 10 or above.

Because of this, we focus on other quests (A Map of Tacarigua for example), until we level up, then we return to Osorio and finish Kitchen Help.

Note: To increase our Silver Tongue talent in Risen 2, we have to improve our cunning attribute. Cunning plays a very important role when it comes to intimidating specific characters in the game.

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough
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