Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

Risen 2 Dark Waters Pirate Post Quest Walkthrough

In Risen 2 Dark Waters, Pirate Post is a Tacarigua quest we can activate in Puerto Sacarico, by talking to Roquefort.

Pirate Post can be activated as soon as we enter Puerto Sacarico, but to finish it, we must find the Pirates’ Den.

To begin Pirate Post, if we talk to Roquefort we will be asked to deliver a letter to Booze, who is working in the Pirates’ Den tavern.


“Roquefort wants me to take a letter from Di Fuego to the pirates.”


100 Glory Points + 100 Gold


Even if we activate the quest early in the game, it is a good idea to complete it later, since the road to the Pirates’ Den is a dangerous one.

When we reach Steelbeard’s base, all we have to do is to locate the tavern, which is the highest building from a total of 5, and then look for the bartender. His name is Booze.

First, we tell him about the letter, and he will ask us to deliver his reply, back to Puerto Sacarico.

If we accept the job, we will activate The Sugar Trade quest.

If we continue to talk to Booze, about Steelbeard, sugar and other subjects available in the dialogue box, we will be able to activate two additional missions: The Sugar Shipment and The Water Carriers.

All three quests should be completed immediately, in order to level up faster.

The first quest, however, is The Sugar Trade.

Note: Pirate Post should be completed when we Find the Pirates’ Den.

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough
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