Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

Risen 2 Dark Waters Freeing Largo Quest Walkthrough

In Risen 2, Freeing Largo is a quest available on Tacarigua, and can be completed while playing The Clothes of a Pirate quest.

Freeing Largo starts in Puerto Sacarico, but to finish it we have to find the Pirates’ Den.

To activate the quest, we visit the prison tower and inside a cell we find Largo. While talking to him, if we tell him that we want to join the pirates, he will ask our hero to help him escape. But for this, we need a lock pick.


„Largo wants me to free him from his cell. He needs me to bring him a lock pick. I’m supposed to show Stone Largo’s red headscarf or his black pearl. Then he’ll give me a lock pick for free.”


100 Glory Points + 1 Lock Pick + 50 Glory Points for defeating Carter


The first thing we have to do is to acquire Largo’s Bandana or the Black Pearl, while playing The Clothes of a Pirate.

After we get the items we Find the Pirates’ Den and we look for Stone, the blacksmith. We talk to him and tell him that Largo is in trouble. We show him Largo’s bandana or the black pearl, and tell him that we need a lock pick to free the prisoners.

Eventually, Stone tells us that he wants 500 gold for the lock pick, but if we tell him that Largo mentioned about his debts, we will get the lock pick for free. With the item in hand, we return to Largo.

We give him the lock pick and he will tell us to watch how he escapes.

At this point, Carter, will automatically, become aggressive and we have to take him out.

Along with Patty, assuming that we have followed the Risen 2 walkthrough up to this point, we defeat Carter, and then look for Largo nearby.

We talk to him again, to activate the next quest in line: Follow Largo.

Note: Freeing Largo plays an important role in the quest we receive from Steelbeard, later in the game.

The quest is called Become a Pirate; however, it doesn’t matter if we finish Freeing Largo before we activate Become a Pirate, or after that.

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough
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