Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

Risen 2 Dark Waters Follow Largo Quest Walkthrough

After we manage to set Largo free in Risen 2, we can trigger an optional quest, called simply Follow Largo. This quest can be skipped, and Largo will still get to the Pirates’ Den on Tacarigua; however it is a good idea to complete it, for additional Glory Points.

We make sure, that after we defeat Carter, we look for Largo, near the prison tower. We talk to him and if we have all his items (The Clothes of a Pirate) we give everything to Largo, to complete Largo’s Clothes.

Next, we tell Largo that we wish to accompany him to the pirates’ camp, north east.


“Largo’s headed to the pirates’ den. I have to follow him.”


10 Glory Points for the quest


Basically, all we have to do to complete this quest is to follow Largo and make sure our hero survives the journey.

Largo can’t take any damage, and if he does he will be back on his feet after we dispatch all enemies.

Note: What is important to keep in mind is the fact that the route Largo follows is filled with traps, and various creatures.

While the creatures won’t be a problem, if Patty is still a member of our crew, the traps are deadly; which means that we have to save often, or pay close attention to the ground.

To avoid a trap, we make sure we press Y as soon as the icon appears on our screen.

We also have to remember that if the front gate to the Pirates’ Den is blocked, Largo will go around, and we will have to fight even more enemies.

Once the camp is reached, the thief will go to the tavern and we can find him inside, in a corner. We talk to him, give him his items, and then look around for more quest-givers. One of them should be Booze, the bartender (Pirate Post quest).

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough
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