Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

Risen 2 Dark Waters Flotsam Quest Walkthrough

Flotsam is a Risen 2: Dark Waters quest that can be completed in Caldera, at the beginning of the game.

It is a short quest, which allows us to increase our hero’s amount of Glory Points and the amount of gold.

To begin Flotsam, we have to locate and talk to the storehouse master, on Caldera’s docks.

The storehouse master can be found while looking for the boat that takes us to Tacarigua.

During the day, he patrols in front of the storehouse, counting the crates. We talk to him, to activate the quest, and then we focus on our objective.


“I’m to collect the beach flotsam for the storehouse master.”


50 Glory points


To complete the quest called Flotsam, in Risen 2, we have to find 6 crates on the beach.

The crates are located on the same beach where we have found Patty (Rescue Patty quest). All of them are half buried in sand. There are exactly 6 crates on the beach, and one of them is protected by two Sand Devils.

We stay alert, and take out the Sand Devils, and then we continue to collect the crates.

Once we have the required amount of crates, all we have to do is to collect our reward from the storehouse master.

Additionally, after we talk to him, we can practice our sneaking skill, and investigate the storehouse. It is important to enter the building, while the storehouse master faces the beach. While standing near the right wall, we press the left thumbstick and slowly move inside.

We check the second floor, and on a shelf we can see three goblets. We steal the items, along with the bullets nearby, and then exit the storehouse.

Note: If the storehouse master sees us, we will have to fight him, and he is a very tough opponent; therefore we exit the building using the same strategy as the one we used to enter.

If we have completed all quests in Caldera, it is time to finish the last one, which sends us to Tacarigua.

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough
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