Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

Risen 2 A Map of Tacarigua Quest Walkthrough

A Map of Tacarigua is the third quest we receive from Pedro in Risen 2, as soon as we reach Tacarigua and Puerto Sacarico.

A Map of Tacarigua, along with Provisions and Sturdy Clothes, is a short quest; however, it can’t be completed as soon as we receive it.

To finish A Map of Tacarigua, we need to talk to Di Fuego, who is the governor of Tacarigua.

In order to reach his mansion, which is the tallest building in Puerto Sacarico, we need to dress our hero. In other words, the hero must wear a shirt, or the guards won’t allow us to see Di Fuego. Because of this, we must complete Sturdy Clothes before A Map of Tacarigua.


“Di Fuego, the governor of Tacarigua, will have a map of the island. Pedro advised me to find a shirt before I see the governor.”


50 Glory Points


The goal of this quest is to acquire the map of the island we currently explore. Di Fuego has the map and he is willing to sell it for 100 gold.

First we make sure we have the amount of gold required to buy the map, then we complete the Sturdy Clothes side-quest.

After we get the shirt, we return to the governor’s villa and the guards will let us pass.

We follow the stairs to the second floor and we should see Sebastiano and Di Fuego. We talk to the governor, and buy the map from him, to complete A Map of Tacarigua. This important item allows us to visualize the island we explore, by opening the Sea Chart in the menu.

Note: If we continue to discuss with Di Fuego, and ask him about the escaped slaves, we can start a new quest, named Bounty

After we activate it, we can play it immediately. Additionally, if we have enough gold, we can purchase the Silk Shirt from Di Fuego, and increase our Silver Tongue Skill which can be used to convince Patty to remain in the kitchen (Kitchen Help quest).

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough
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