Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

Risen 2 A Hungry Slave Quest Walkthrough

A Hungry Slave is a very short Risen 2 quest that can be completed while trying to retrieve Largo’s Bandana from Riley, the guard, in Tacarigua.

A Hungry Slave requires our presence on the cotton plantation, north of Puerto Sacarico.

When we work to complete the quest called The Clothes of a Pirate, we will be asked by Largo to get back his bandana from a guard named Riley, who bought it from Carter.

While we talk to Riley, if we fail to convince him to give us the item, we have to take it from him by force.

A good way to get his attention is to visit the cotton plantation during the day. Riley is a guard on that plantation.




50 Glory Points


From Sacarico we travel north and reach the cotton plantation. On it, we can see multiple slaves working, but only one of them will talk to us. His name is Asad.

We make sure that we interact with Asad only after we check our inventory, and see if we have some provisions, because Asad needs food.

If we don’t, we buy some from Osorio, then we return to the plantation and talk to Asad.

When he asks for something to eat, we give him the provisions, and the quest will automatically end.

Note: At this point, Riley will become aggressive. If we have the bandana, we avoid a direct fight by apologizing to him. If not, we provoke Riley and defeat him.

Next, we retrieve the bandana and continue the quest called The Clothes of a Pirate.

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough
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