Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough

Risen 2 A Fat Roast Quest Walkthrough

A Fat Roast is a Risen 2 quest activated while talking to Thompkins (Let Thompkins Know! quest) on the cotton plantation, just north of Puerto Sacarico (Tacarigua Island).

To activate A Fat Roast in Risen 2, we make sure we ask Thompkins about the creatures that inhabit the nearby jungle.

Eventually, the quest –giver will mention something about warthogs, and A Fat Roast is added to our journal.


“Thompkins told me about the big warthog. It’s just waiting to be slaughtered.”


50 Glory Points for the quest + 50 Glory Points for killing the Prize Warthog.


To complete A Fat Roast, we follow the path behind Thompkins until we enter the jungle. The Prize Warthog should spawn nearby, behind the cottage where we found Gilles.

If we fought other warthogs up to this point, we already know that these beasts are weak; but if we play this quest at the beginning of the game, we may need help.

Thompkins can help us during this quest, but it’s better to take Patty with us, because if Thompkins kills the beast, all Glory Points will go to him.

On the other hand, if we receive help from Patty, it doesn’t matter who takes out the warthog, because all glory points will be received by our hero, since Patty is a member of our party.

When the Prize warthog has, been defeated, A Fat Roast is removed from our logbook, and we can talk to Thompkins to finish Let Thompkins Know! and activate Meat for the Cook.

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