Ridge Racer Unbounded Cheats and Unlocker

Ridge Racer Unbounded Cheats and Unlocker

Ridge Racer Unbounded is the racing video game released developed by Bugbear Entertainment, and released on March 27, 2012 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Ridge Racer Unbounded fans who wish to cheat the videogame, have two options at their disposal, both of them being revealed by the cheating guide below.

Using the first method, players can unlock all features in the video game, such as cars, tracks, or rewards; while the second method can be used to win all races, by activating a series of cheat codes, including a cheat code for infinite boost/nitro, or a cheat that allows drivers to freeze the timer during a race.

Players must be aware that even if both methods can be used at the same time, the free Ridge Racer Unbounded trainer may not work on all versions of the video game.

Furthermore, the trainer for Ridge Racer Unbounded works exclusively on PC and can’t be activated on other gaming platforms.

Ridge Racer Unbounded PC Unlocker

The first cheating method involves two savegame files. The files have been uploaded on Dlh.net and they give players two options, based on the data they contain.

One save file contains all cars in the video game, which have been unlocked by a player, while the second one includes all unlocked Ridge Racer Unbounded cars, tracks, regions, and rewards.

Using these two files, players can unlock all features without having to beat the game, but first, they have to download them and move them to the correct directory.

Download the Ridge Racer Unbounded unlocker and unpack the files in Ridge_Racer_Unbounded_Unlocker_[ADHDerby].rar.

The archive contains two directories and two files.

First make sure you backup your current savegame files that can be found in the Autosave.bin directory.

Next, copy one of the files you have unpacked, to the same directory, overwriting the old files.

Launch the game and load the savegame file you have copied.

Ridge Racer Unbounded Trainer for PC

The second method available for those who want to cheat in Ridge Racer Unbounded requires a free trainer for the video game.

The trainer should run in background during the game, and it was developed to work with all cracked versions between v1.02 and v1.08, allowing players to activate the cheats listed below; however, players must install it first, following several steps:

Get the free Ridge Racer Unbounded megatrainer for PC, from DLH.net and extract the files in Ridge_Racer_Unbounded_v1.02-v1.08_Plus_9_Trainer.rar.

Copy or move all files extracted to the game’s default directory.

Run the trainer with admin rights if needed, then start the game and load a race.

While racing, press the following keys to toggle all Ridge Racer Unbounded cheat codes on or off.

Ridge Racer Unbounded PC Cheat Codes

Numpad 1 – Infinite score points.

Numpad 2 – Infinite boost.

Numpad 3 – Unstoppable boost.

Numpad 4 – Freeze time in Frag Attack Mode.

Numpad 5 – Freeze time in Drift Attack Mode.

Numpad 6 – Reset timer in Time Attack Mode.

Numpad 7 – Infinite drift points.

Numpad 8 – Infinite frags.

Numpad 9 – Maintain fist position.

Home – Disable all active cheats.

Ridge Racer Unbounded Cheats and Unlocker
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