Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Locations

Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Leon’s Campaign: Chapter 5

Resident Evil 6 Chapter 5 in Leon’s Campaign, is the final chapter and as all previous chapters in RE6 it includes Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems.

The following Resident Evil 6 collectibles’ guide, refers strictly to Leon’s Campaign Chapter 5, and explains where to find every RE 6 Serpent Emblem while playing it.

As we remember from the previous chapter in this campaign, Leon and Helena, managed to catch Simmons, while Chris, continues to hunt Ada. We also assisted to a massive bio-chemical attack which infested all citizens; but somehow, both  characters managed to survive.

When the final chapter in Resident Evil 6 Leon’s Campaign begins, we find out from Chris that Ada is dead, but Leon asks him to search for Jake.

Our first objective in this chapter is to avoid the gas that turns the remaining survivors into zombies, and to follow a soldier that tries to evacuate the city.

First Serpent Emblem Location

The first Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblem in Chapter 5 is very easy to find. As we progress, through the game, following the BSA soldier and staying away from the gas, we will take a detour, through a building.

The first building we enter is in fact a store. Next to the stairs, we can see the RE6 emblem on a shelf, to the right, while facing the soldier we follow.

What is very important to know, is the fact that we need to shoot it fast, and continue to stay near the soldier, because the zombies will break the store’s windows, and the gas will come in, killing our character.

It is also a good idea to maintain a safe distance from the Serpent Emblem, because the gas is also present near it.

Second Serpent Emblem Location

One of the Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems can be located after the Humvee ride, and after we find out that Ada is alive.

We follow the waypoint and enter an alley and then a building. Inside we can observe multiple dead bodies on the ground.

As soon as we exit the said building we can notice a truck to the left, while facing several infested soldiers. We take them out, then search the truck for the emblem.

In front of it we can notice a crate that can be destroyed, while if we look on the monitor, the distance between us and the next waypoint should be around 17 meters. This specific area, is the same as the one featured in the game’s prologue, when we healed Helena.

Third Serpent Emblem Location

Another Resident Evil Emblem is found after we complete all QTEs (quick-time events) in the helicopter. Eventually, we will fall into a building (same as in the prologue) and inside we avoid the falling chandelier by pressing the corresponding keys.

As we turn around facing the waypoint we can spot a door, and a green sing above it on which we can read “Emergency Exit”. We approach the said door, without opening it, and then we turn right.

At this point we should see a small round office behind a fence. We can’t jump over the fence, but we can observe the emblem on a shelf. We shoot it and continue to advance in order to find the final Resident Evil 6 Emblem in Leon’s Campaign.

Fourth Serpent Emblem Location

The final Resident Evil Serpent Emblem in Leon’s Campaign can be located after we fight Derek on our way to the roof.

At some point, we will be asked to protect Ada, and then help her deal with Derek Simmons. In the next area, we find out that Derek survived the fall and he is blocking our way. Fortunately he is also weakened.

First, we deal with him, and then we will be able to access the gate nearby. We make sure that we don’t follow the stairs up. Instead we go around them (preferably the right side) and to the left, behind the bars we spot the collectible we are looking for. We are now free to follow the stairs up with Helena, and begin the last boss fight in Leon’s Campaign.

At the end of Chapter 5 in Leon’s Campaign, assuming that we have found all Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems in the previous chapters, we will unlock the following action figures: Whopper and Whopper Supreme, Bloodshot, Shrieker, Brzak, Deborah Harper and Lepotitsa.

Now we can focus on completing other campaigns, such as Chris’’ Campaign or Jake’s Campaign.

Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Locations
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