Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Locations

Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems Leon’s Campaign: Chapter 4

We can also find four Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems while playing Chapter 4 of Leon’s Campaign, and throughout the following game guide, we reveal their locations, along with hints on where to look for them.

To find all Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems in Chapter 4, we have to make sure we locate them in the exact order as the one presented below. Completing this task will allow us to unlock a new action figure, showing President Adam Benford.

After we complete Chapter 3, along with Leon and Helena, we begin our search for Simmons. The fourth chapter in the video game starts in a plane, where we have to defeat B.O.W.

First Serpent Emblem Location

After we defeat B.O.W, we will be asked to find the cause of the anomaly inside the plane. At this point, a door will open, which allows us to inspect other areas inside the plane.

We go through the door, and then we follow the stairs down. At the bottom of the stairs, if we turn right, we can find the first RE 6 Serpent Emblem in Chapter 4, which is located under the stairs.

We shoot it, and then we move towards our objective, keeping in mind that the second Serpent Emblem is also in the plane.

Second Serpent Emblem Location

As we proceed towards the plane’s tail, we will have to descend more stairs. Eventually we will reach a lower level and when we do, we should see several refrigerators, to the right, next to the stairs.

If we take a closer look at these refrigerators, we will clearly see the second RE6 Serpent Emblem up on a shelf.

If we have problems finding it, we should look on our display and notice that the distance between the location where the Serpent Emblem is, and the waypoint, is 5 meters.

Third Serpent Emblem Location

Another Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblem can be located in the market area. Once our team is separated, Sherri will tell us where we can find Simmons; however to get to the building we have to cross a market.

At some point, a short cutscene is triggered, and we can see two zombies down the street. Eventually, the zombies will flee, but the cutscene reveals the emblem’s location.

After the zombies flee, we go down the road several steps; towards our next waypoint (distance should be around 39 meters). If we turn right while facing the waypoint we can see a dead-end. We explore the alley and to the right we can observe a small room. On a shelf we locate the Resident Evil 6 collectible.

Above the entrance of the alley we can observe a sign with red Chinese letters on it.

Fourth Serpent Emblem Location

The final RE6 Serpent Emblem in Chapter 4 is very hard to find, because of its location.

In the market area, after we find the previous collectible, we have to locate and retrieve three keys, while being chased by multiple mutants.

While looking for these keys, we will eventually have to climb on a series of roofs. As we continue to progress, we will reach one roof on which we will have to toss our partner, on another roof located on the other side of the street.

It is important to pay close attention, and observe that the ledge on which we stand, while Helena jumps, is colored in red.

After we help her jump, we remain on, the same roof and locate a big tree, to the right, and in the background a glowing Chinese banner. Next to the banner we can see the missing Serpent Emblem in Leon’s Campaign, Chapter 4.

After we shoot the emblem, we continue to play the mission, knowing that we have found every Resident Evil 6 Emblem in Chapter 4 of Leon’s Campaign, and we can focus on the last set of Resident Evil 6 Serpent Emblems in the final chapter.

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